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Welcome to Vision Furniture!

Thank you for visiting the Vision Furniture website. We are an international manufacturer of Chiavari Ballroom chairs, Chiavari cushions pads, Chiavari chair accessories, Chiavari bar stools, clear resin Chiavari chairs, resin folding chairs, ghost chairs, touchup paints, chair carts, and other specialized seating products and accessories for the event and hospitality industry.
At Vision Furniture we strive to be an innovative company with a clear vision to offer our clients nothing but the best Chiavari chair products, Chivari chair business information and up to date solutions in the marketplace. Our vision is to evolve with our clients and make a point to continually keep changing and improving our products and methods to ensure that you end up with the highest quality product possible.
We have been designing, producing, selling and renting Chiavari Chairs and accessories since 2003 and we are enjoying over 10 years of successful growth and product development. Our list of clients includes prestigious hotels, restaurants, party rental companies, event facilities, and wedding venues in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia and all over South America.
Over the years it has become more and more apparent that the Chiavari chair has truly made a lasting mark on elegant weddings and special events worldwide. As its popularity continues to grow we continue to offer our customers a high level of quality products with excellent value and personalized customer service from our U.S. & Chinese operations.
In 2013 we developed and launched a line of Charger Plates that can be viewed here:
The Vision Furniture team handpicked and customized each plate to our specifications. With 12 beautiful options there is a charger plate for every occasion. We hope that our customers love these tabletop jewels as much as we do!
Thank you for visiting - please feel free to contact us anytime and we will do our very best to bring you top quality products, value and service.