Chiavari Chairs SOLD OUT

Line Discontinued - Some Cushion Styles Remain

Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs have been thoughtfully designed and responsibly manufactured since 2003. However, due to current market conditions, increased raw material/labor costs, and tariffs we are currently in the process of closing the sales side of our business to focus solely on special event rentals in the Philadelphia region. We will continue to sell Chiavari Chairs, Bar Stools, Cushions, Chair Carts, Touch Up paint and other accessories while supplies last. If your company needs 432+ chair frames please contact us as soon as possible to coordinate direct containers. Please call us M-F 9am-5pm to place orders or check available inventory or browse online here.

Don't Forget About Cushions!

Investing in Chiavari Chairs is not just about the chair frame. Chiavari Cushions play a vital role in not only looking good, but also keeping your business running smoothly- as they are usually first to show wear and tear. Learn about how our Quality Cushions compare to the competition.

Educational Chiavari Chair Videos

Educational Videos

Keeping our customers educated on the quality and construction of our products is important to us! Chiavari is a style of chair, not a brand, so we've created a whole video library to show the extra steps we take to ensure you have the best value chair on the market. Visit our Video Library.

Painting Workshop Est. 2018

We are proud to be the only Wholesale Chiavari Chair Manufacture in the United States with a large-scale domestic paint operation. The workshop equipment was made especially for refurbishing special event furniture and to contribute to the crafting of custom painted furniture and rental items. This environmentally-friendly paint facility filters approximately 99.84% of paint particulates and makes it possible for VF to refinish up to 500 chairs per day. Watch Paint Workshop Video now!