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Vision Furniture
4211 Van Kirk Street
Philadelphia, PA 19135
Phone: 215-695-3300
Fax: 215-695-3360
Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Vision Furniture has been producing furniture since 2003 with our roots in the manufacturing and selling of fine Antique Reproduction Furniture from Eastern Europe.We have grown so much since 2003 and we could not keep producing top quality Chiavari products and keep growing our innovative east coast party rental service without our hard working and creative team: Meet the Team Here!
In 2004 we began experimenting with wooden Chiavari Chairs for the special event industry with a focus on catering to both local and international businesses. With the growing demand for Chiavari Chairs worldwide we decided to further explore this niche market and strive to provide the highest quality and value Chiavari Chairs and Chiavari Chair accessories on the market.
The Vision Furniture team puts safety and reliability first when it comes to our products. We continually test our chairs, revaluate and make improvements to ensure that we have the best products possible for our customers. We want all of our products to not only look beautiful but be long lasting, durable and safe.
Our 2014 and on batches of Chiavari Chairs and Cushions are our best products to date and are a result of many years of hard work and development. Our wooden Chiavari Chairs pass all 6 of the BIFMA commercial furniture tests for safetyand strength. We are proud to say that we are the ONLY Chiavari Chair on the market that passes allBIFMA industry standards. Learn more about the product testing we do on our blog.
To order maintenance products such as Touch-Up Paint, Replacement Chair Pads, Chair Glides, Chairs Carts or small quantities of Chiavari Chairs visit our Online Retail Shop:https://shop.visionfurniture.com
Thank you for your interest in Vision Furniture!
Anthony Tokarchyk
President, Vision Furniture