Price Ranges for Chiavari Chairs

We work really hard to make a good quality product at a good value. We sell our wood chair frames from $40.00 – $75.00 which is historically very low for a reliable commercial chair.

Let’s say we quote, We quoted you $50.00 for the chair frame and $7.50 for the cushion which is a total of $57.50 chair. If the chair lasts the club 8 years, that is a cost of only $7.19 per chair per year for a good product that will require relatively little maintenance, and which you can rent out at anywhere from $6.50 to $10.00 per chair per rental. Yes, you will have to replace the cushion covers and do some basic maintenance from time to time, but our product will look good, be more reliable, and provide your business with trouble-free use for a long time. And, if you need to add chairs next year, you can be sure that we will have the same color as we did last year.

Comparing Apples to Avocados!

With regard to our pricing, there are many companies on the internet selling unbranded Chiavari Chairs for cheap prices. These companies are completely unable to price match our product it’s not the same product at all!!

We selling our own brand of Chiavari Chairs which is produced along very specific quality guidelines. Our product is long-lasting, safe, easy to maintain and built with many quality features in mind such as non-marring feet, chair joints that meet durability tests, metal bolts that don’t strip and chair frames that are properly to look good. Not to mention, we don’t use cheap wood fillers and putties that are brittle and make the chair difficult to maintain.

It is true, however, that our mission to have a good working product also comes at a cost with great inflation over the last 2 years in China and our increasing operating costs as well.

Some basics on our quality level include:

1)      A large, consistent and reliable inventory of chairs and cushions available when you need and with consistent colors that don’t change.

2)      Product testing to ensure a quality standard

3)      A real insurance policy with a reputable company

4)      A+ BBB rating that we delivery quality products as promised.

5)      Every chair shipped is checked to make sure it is safe for use and that it meets our quality standard.

The bottom line is that since we care about our products and the satisfaction of our customers, we must charge a proper value for the chair to cover the costs to make the chair properly as well as the costs of proper quality control, proper insurance and the cost to carry a large inventory of reliable and consistent product.

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