Aluminum Chiavari Chairs – Buyer Beware!

Should You Buy Aluminum Chiavari Chairs?

Kelly Green Chiavari Chair Wood

Wooden Chiavari Chair

If you are considering buying or renting aluminum Chiavari chairs for your next wedding, banquet, special event, or your own business you may want to reconsider.

What’s that, you say? Aluminum is environmentally friendly and lightweight? That might be true. However, before you take your aluminum Chiavari chair to the recycling center to help save the environment, you will probably want to get some use out of it.

That’s where the challenges lie.

Here are some of the issues with aluminum Chiavari chairs:

  • Aluminum is an expensive metal – Aluminum costs more than steel. It is more expensive to work with due to the cost of welding, cost of specialized tools,
  • Welding of aluminum Chiavari chairs – According to, aluminum is much more sensitive to heat input and distortion than other metals. This means that aluminum Chiavari chairs that are welded are most likely not going to have strong bonds because the metal puddles easily. Aluminum welding requires more specialized tools than steel, and cutting corners in the production of aluminum Chiavari chairs results in a chair that is not safe or cost-effective.
  • Aluminum is susceptible to water stains – While Aluminum may be resistant to corrosion, its beauty can be diminished by something that is at every special event gathering – water. Water spots and stains on aluminum appear whitish, which definitely detracts from the beauty of the event.

If aluminum Chiavari chairs aren’t the best choice for your banquet or special event, then what is? Good, old-fashioned wood! Vision Furniture has been building its own wood Chiavari chairs for almost 10 years, and there is a reason that we choose wood – because it lasts! (//

Instead of buying or renting an aluminum Chiavari chair that might compromise the safety of your special event guests, why not choose wood Chiavari chairs? Our wood chairs pass rigorous 12-point quality assurance inspections as well as Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA) testing.

To learn more about Vision Furniture’s high-quality wood Chiavari chairs, visit or call (215) 695-3300.


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