Are your Chiavari Chairs made in the USA?

Are your Chiavari Chairs made in the USA? And how do you ensure that you are shipping us quality products?

All of our Chiavari Chair production is produced at our China plant, where the quality specification and designs are managed by Vision Furniture. And we maintain a large inventory here in the USA.

All of our USA Chairs prior to shipping undergo a 12 point inspection at our Philadelphia warehouse before packing which means all the joints are inspected, all the bolts are tightened ,etc. so that the chairs are ensured to be up to our highest standard and will be usable right out of the box. This way, any problems are resolved prior to shipping and the chairs will be serviced by our trained staff which makes sure the chairs get off the proper start once they start being used. And, there is little maintenance after that, just routine checking the chairs and making sure the rear seat bolts are nice and snug. And, we have a full line of touchup materials if you need them too.

If you go the direct container route, the chairs are shipped directly to you from our China plant and it is your responsibility to tighten the rear bolts on arrival and check the chairs according to our instructions.

We are an A+ BBB rated company and, we back up our advertising and reliability 100% because what we say is exactly what we do.

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