12-Point Quality Inspection on ALL Chairs

The Vision Furniture Difference is in the Details:

At Vision Furniture we specialize in making the best Chiavari Chairs and accessories – so we want to ensure that every product that leaves our warehouse meets our quality standards for excellence. This is why we inspect every single chair frame before orders are shipped. No matter if you order 5 chairs or 500 you can rest assured that each Vision Chiavari Chair has gone through a rigorous 12 point inspection to ensure safety, durability and finish quality.


12 Point Quality Assurance Inspection for Best Chiavari Chairs:



1, 2) Tighten 2 Rear Hex Boltsbest chiavari chairs fruitwood hex bolts

VF Rear Seat Hex Bolts are robust and made with a hard metal that will not strip and become useless like other softer materials. Tightening these Hex Bolts once per year will keep your chair frames strong and in good working condition.


best chiavari chairs quality inspection on wooden chairs3) Make Sure Frame, Finish and Seat Edge Meet Quality Standards

Wood Quality: we choose only high quality wood that is free of unsafe cracks, defects and worm holes.

Tri-Layer Paint System: with Vision Furniture the putty, primer and paint used on our chair frames are all made from similar colors so that if a chair is chipped, the primer and putty underneath will help disguise the imperfection until touch ups are made.


best chiavari chairs strength test4, 5, 6, 7) Pull all 4 Legs to Check Joints

All of our Chiavari Chairs have a Chair Spindle Modification: all the interiors of the chair legs and spindle are sanded down smooth to prevent seat edge chipping when stacking chairs.


8, 9, 10, 11) Inspect all 4 Chair Glidesbest chiavari chairs glides - chair feet

All VF Chair Glides are made with high quality, hard poly-plastic, not soft nylon that can break leaving nails exposed that will damage flooring.


best chiavari chairs quality packaging12) Ensure packaging is properly protecting frame for shipping

Every VF Chiavari Chair frame has an extensive packing system to ensure that your chairs travel well and do not arrive damaged, scratched or scuffed.




Written & Published By: Vision Furniture



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