White Resin Folding Chairs: Why BIFMA is Important

white resin folding chair videoReliability is the common thread in all of our products – and so is BIFMA U.S. commercial furniture testing. Our White Folding Chairs are produced in the USA, pass all 6 BIFMA tests and are one of the lightest and best performing folding chairs on the market.


Safety, durability, and a bright white finish are the top priorities in our design. (Resin Folding Chairs are also available in Black!)

For all of our Folding Chairs, we ask two Very Important Questions:


1) Are the rear legs safe and sturdy — even when someone leans far back?

2) Is the chair seat strong enough to remain safe even when someone flops down?

white folding chairs with padded seat

White Resin Folding Chairs

After a lot of product testing we are able to proudly exclaim “Yes!” to both of these questions. We have seen many imported chairs that virtually explode when a 200lb weight is dropped onto the seat top. We simply refuse to offer such an unsafe and unreliable product to our customers.


  • Chair Back Durability Test: PASS
  • Chair Back Strength Test : PASS
  • Dynamic Drop Test: PASS
  • Seating Durability Test: PASS
  • Leg Strength Test: PASS
  • Stability Test: PASS


Our Folding Chair Passes the Most Important BIFMA Safety Test:


our folding chair passes the dynamic drop test!

Dynamic Drop TestOur Folding Chair Passes All 6 BIFMA Standards

Our chair is the only resin folding chair that we have tested that can pass the BIFMA 5.1 seating drop test. This is what makes it the best white folding chair! This test drops 225lbs onto the seat from 6 inches and then drops another 300lbs onto the seat. Also, our chair is the only one that we have tested that exceeds 1,000lbs in static weight load seat top testing. We have tested many of our competitor’s chairs that falsely advertise a 1,000lb static weight load capacity when their capacity is actually only 600-800lbs.


Our chair also has a smooth outer layer with a resilient internal resin that provides strength and durability and our resin is pure white. Our competitor’s model has resin that is brittle with grey impurities, such as large amounts of talcum powder that extends the resin and lowers the costs of production. Low priced resin folding chairs can be made so cheaply because the resin is not pure, which makes it brittle and prone to breakage at stress points. The impure resin and brittle walls all contribute to our competitor’s chair failing BIFMA testing.


Best White Folding Chair

best white resin folding chairs

Our competitor’s chair leg is hollow and brittle (left) while the VF cutting is strong and filled with pure resin.

If you would like to see these tests first had, you can cut a cross section of any Resin Folding Chair seat to see what is really inside. Our resin is smooth on the outside and filled on the inside with real Resin Walls that keep the seat flexible but strong. When you cut open a low grade seat, you will see that the walls are very thin and uneven, the inside is hollow and the walls are brittle which all contributes to the chair being unreliable.


Vision Furniture’s folding chair is manufactured using pure white resin that is sturdy, resilient and flexible. We use only virgin resin, resulting in a smoother and stronger chair. In product testing our Resin Folding Chair passes the BIFMA 300lb drop test. On the other hand, our competitor’s resin chair shatters at the 200lb BIFMA drop test. The value of our product is in the safety, reliability and peace of mind that our chair offers during the life of the product.


Full resin folding chair samples are available for a cost of $25.00/chair, shipping included.

To Request a Quote call 215-695-3300

or visit //www.chiavarichairs.com/request.php


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