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chiavari chair cart dollyChiavari Chair Cart Dollies by Vision Furniture are sleek chair carts designed and manufactured in the USA specifically for Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs. The carts quickly scoop up stacks of chairs and transport them with ease. The steel frame is durable and the solid back wheels can handle heavy use on the job and in the warehouse.  The front wheels allow the chair cart to glide smoothly across ballroom surfaces without causing damage or abrasions. The Vision Furniture chair cart is very versatile and excels in both warehouse and ballroom settings.





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The Chiavari Chair Cart:

    • Made in the USA
    • Transports Chiavari Chairs Safely & Easily
    • Durable Steel Frame
    • Solid Non-Abrasive Wheels
    • Weighs about 30lbs

Important Info

Works with all Vision Furniture brand Chiavari Chairs. For other brands — call us to confirm that your chairs will work with the Chair Shark. Chair Leg Opening must be at least 10.5″ wide x 11.5″ tall to accept the chair cart. Some basic assembly required. We do not recommend stacking chairs higher than 8 at a time.


 Chair Cart Customer Testimonial

“We absolutely love the Chiavari chairs that are provided by Vision Furniture. The quality of the chairs is phenomenal, and we always receive tons of compliments on them. Anthony is always quick to respond to any needs we may have, and has been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning. We also love the chair carts we received from Vision. They are very handy with the big wheels and they make moving the chairs around very simple. I would highly recommend ordering these as well. When comparing different Chiavari chair companies, I would recommend ordering through Vision as the quality of product is much higher than other chairs I’ve seen.”

Ryan Mennenga​ | Elite Entertainment | Champaign, IL ​


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