The Importance of Year to Year Color Consistency with Wedding Chairs

Why Some Chiavari Chair Finishes Don’t Match?

For a country club, hotel or events venue having beautiful and durable seating options are a top priority. But sometimes people forget about the importance of color consistency when choosing their supplier. This becomes especially important when ballroom chairs are bought at different times or if the supplier is changed.


Most companies or venues will need to purchase more chairs from time to time as their needs increase. At Vision Furniture, color consistency is extremely important as we know that our clients want their new chairs to be a a match to their original purchase. As their inventory grows they know their clients won’t appreciate color or style changes.


Many sellers of Chiavari Chairs price their products too low to spend the time to make sure that their production is color consistent with past productions. Also, many importers of Chiavari Chairs change suppliers often in order to get the cheapest prices available at that time. When this is the case, it is almost definite that the color of the finish will change because each manufacture uses their own paints and painting techniques. Inconsistent chair finishes will stand out in an unflattering way and ruin the style of your ballroom.


Vision Furniture makes color consistency a priority because it is an important service to offer our customers. At Vision we handcraft wooden Chiavari Chairs to not only be durable and reliable long-term, but also to have consistent finish from year to year.


VF Chairs are Always Color Matched for Color Consistency

During production all of our style options are color matched to a master color so year to year and batch to batch your chair inventory will blend beautifully. Whether you are adding to your inventory or buying for a new venue – a Gold Vision Furniture Chiavari Chair that you buy in 2016 will have the color consistency to blend with a chair you purchased in 2009. And the same goes for Champagne, Silver, Rose Gold, Mahogany, Walnut, Fruitwood, Natural, White, Ivory, Black and Whitewash.


Cutting Corners is Not our Style

Other manufactures do not take the time to ensure color consistency with their seating products. This can result in finishes that have so much variation from year to year that the chairs cannot be blended together for use at the same event. Time and again we hear about buyers that have purchased from other companies – sometimes only a few months between purchases – and the two lots have such imbalance with depth of color, pigmentation and level of gloss that they chairs look completely mismatched side by side. With Vision Furniture you can be confident that no matter when you purchase your chairs from us, the different lots will blend and work together beautifully.


Chiavari Chair Finish Batch Variation

It is important to point out that even with color consistency as party of our quality control program, there is a change of small batch variation between production runs. Our paints, stains and designer colors are hand mixed and hand applied to wood. Wood is a natural material that can have variations in the wood color and grain. Wood can absorb colors and stains differently during the year depending on temperature and humidity. However, you can be assured that we have take the most care to maker that our colors meet our high quality standard. Our chairs are always quality controlled again our color sample library to ensure consistency.


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