Chiavari Chair Manufacturer Opens Chair Repair Facility

State-of-the-Art Chair Repair Paint Studio in Philly (Wissinoming)


touching up white chiavari chairs in a custom paint workshop

Vision Furniture (VF) announced the unveiling of their new, 2,100 square foot, state-of-the-art paint refinishing workshop and chair repair studio located at 4219 Van Kirk Street in Northeast Philadelphia. So now, customers who have owned VF brand Chiavari Chairs for 5-10 years (or more) can easily get their chairs touched up or completely refinished!


This environmentally-friendly paint facility filters approximately 99.84% of paint particulates and makes it possible for VF to refinish up to 500 Chiavari Chairs per day. We are proud to be the only Wholesale Chiavari Chair Manufacture in the United States with a large-scale domestic paint operation. The workshop equipment was made especially for refurbishing special event furniture like Chiavari Chairs and to contribute to the crafting of custom painted furniture and event rental items.

VF Invested in this Refinishing + Chair Repair Workshop to:


• Refinish and maintain their own massive rental inventory of wooden Chiavari Chairs
• Create new furniture concepts for special events in the Philadelphia region
• Grow their business and create new jobs by offering custom paint and refinishing services


The value in wooden event furniture is that with the proper maintenance, a quality chair like the VF Chiavari Chair can last decades. Metal and resin event chairs have a short lifespan and end up in a landfill after a few years of use. With the proper upkeep, wooden furniture has unmatched durability and longevity.



Chiavari Chair Repair Philadelphia – Establish 2018


The paint studio features a large, four station, painting area complete with Air Supplied Respirators from Allegro Industries and FUJI HVLP Spray Guns, an expansive filtered drying room and a ventilated paint mixing room. This project took over 2 years to conceive and created five new jobs. The custom equipment was outfitted by Grapek Bates Finishing and manufactured by Global Finishing Solutions. VF is available immediately for Chiavari Chair refurbishment projects.


philadelphia chair repair for special event furniture“This paint facility makes it possible for Vision to not only touch up our own rental inventory but also take on refurbishment projects from other special event furniture companies. And, our business thrives on the ability to create new products for event rentals, like our Champagne Mirror Tables and Reclaimed Wood Farm Tables – and our new painting facility allows us to do so” said Anthony Tokarchyk, President and Owner of Vision Furniture. “We are excited to branch out and offer new services to our customers!”


“Being able to easily touch-up our rental inventory means that all of our event rental customers can enjoy rental chairs that look brand new!” said Sonya Tokarchyk, Co-Owner and head of the Business to Business Event Rental Department. “And any local special event venue or rental company that needs their inventory refinished can depend on us for high quality refurbishment services as well.”


Have Chairs that Need Repair? Call Us Today: 215.695.3300


Services Offered for Wooden Furniture Repair:

•   Full Cleaning using Industrial Solvents (removing grease/grime promotes proper paint adhesion)
•   Frame Sanding
•   Joint Gluing
•   Bolt Tightening
•   Hardware Upgrades if necessary
•   Full Painting or Touch Ups
•   Custom Projects


Or Fix It Yourself!

Paint Glue and Glides for Chiavari Chair Repair

Sometimes you just want to handle minor fixes on your own. That’s why we offer touch-up paint, joint glue and chair glides for purhcase and we can ship them directly to your door. Buy Chiavari Chair Touch Up Paint, Joint Glue and Chair Glides now!

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