Chiavari Chairs in Movies and Television

***If you find more, please let us know by writing a comment below! 🙂 ***

Suburgatory, Episode 13 (2012) – George and Noah are talking in the country club and white chiavari chairs are behind them.

No Strings Attached (2011) – In the middle, Katie’s wedding uses Wood Chiavari Chairs.

Law Abiding Citizen (2009) – Toward the end, the girl playing the cello is sitting on a Chiavari Chair.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) – In the middle, during a montage one of the clips is of a wedding and they are using Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs.

Serendipity (2001) – The chairs for the main wedding are Gold Chiavari Chairs.

Dharma & Greg, Episode 4 (1997) – The chairs for the wedding are Natural Chiavari Chairs.

We’ll report on more as we see them!


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