Chiavari Cushion Foam Cores: New & Improved

Vision Furniture Chiavari Cushion Foam Core’s have been upgraded to use more pure materials and improved manufacturing processes that are more environmentally friendly and produce a more durable and longer lasting chair pad!
VF Chiavari Cushion Foam Gets an Upgrade

Chiavari Cushion Foam CoresAt Vision Furniture we are always trying to make the best value, most reliable quality Chiavari Chair products available. As of 2018 our Chiavari Cushion Foam has been improved to be longer lasting, better quality, more chemically stable and emit fewer Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) fumes. This means no smelly foam and a longer lifespan so you won’t have to replace your foam cores as often.



Chiavari Cushion Foam in Cushion Cover with Velcro Straps


New foam padding can have a chemical smell due to unstable chemical materials used in the production process that emit vapors. Our new Chiavari Cushion Foam is made in a cleaner way that results in a significant reduction in VOC out-gassing. This new process is more environmentally friendly and improves the quality of the foam itself. Our previous version of the Chiavari Cushion high-density foam core was a reliable quality and a good value. However, our new foam has been tested to keep its shape and not go flat for 5+ years, even with heavy use! Request a Quote/Sample today.


As always, keep in mind that Chiavari is a style and NOT a brand. The quality of Chiavari products can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer so, make sure to get a sample cushion from any Chiavari company that you are considering buying from. Before making any large investment do your research and make sure that the quality of the products you are purchasing reflect the quality of your business. Call us today at 215.695.3300 or request a price quote and sample online.



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