Chiavari Cushions with Ties vs. Velcro Straps

Vision Furniture Chiavari Cushions

Our Classic Chiavari Cushions come with the option of either Velcro Straps or  Ties (as well as several other of  fabric and cushion style options).

  • Won’t Go Flat – high density foam coreschiavari cushions with ties
  • Ties/Velcro Won’t Rip – upgraded poly-core thread
  • Upgraded Zippers
  • Tear Resistant – heavy commercial grade fabric
  • Easy Cleanup – treated with stain resistant finish

Ties Vs. Velcro

chiavari cushion with velcro strapsWhen it comes to choosing between Velcro and Ties on your Chiavari cushions, most people seem to prefer the Ties version. This is because they are more aesthetically elegant and contrary to popular belief, are easier to secure onto the chair. The Velcro version may seem easier at first, but in order to get Velcro uniformly attached takes time. To increase your speed even more and decrease fatigue, we recommend getting a Cushion Crawler or two to help glides from chair to chair tying on cushions.


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