5 Things To Know When Choosing A Chiavari Chair Company

What can be found at the White House and at almost every Hollywood entertainment industry special event or Grammy Award party?

Celebrities? Wrong! Money? Wrong again.

Give up? The answer is Chiavari chairs!

Chiavari chairs were first designed in 1807 in the small coastal town of Chiavari, Italy, and are staples at dinner parties and special events worldwide. Why? Because Chiavari chairs still display the delicate Italian craftsmanship that they did more than 200 years ago when they were first created.

The lightweight, yet durable Chiavari chairs spread in popularity to France in the 19th century. French nobles especially loved the chairs, and original versions are still present in the Palace of Fontainebleau and the Louvre Palace.

Chiavari is a style of chair which can be found from a variety of retailers and websites. Because there are so many variations in the market, how can you ensure that your Chiavari chair purchase is made at the right place?

Price is an important factor with any purchase, but it also shouldn’t be the only thing you consider when purchasing a Chiavari chair. Craftsmanship, safety, the reputation of the business and the knowledge and quality of the staff are vital factors in any Chiavari chair purchase.

Here are some important things to remember before you purchase a Chiavari chair:

1) A safe chair makes for a happy event

Whether you are planning a special event for 10 guests or 1,000, the Chiavari chairs that you purchase need to be safe. You might think that a new chair is guaranteed to be safe, but that’s not always the case. Some Chiavari manufacturers cut safety measures and durability in order to offer less expensive chairs. Cheaper brackets, glues and fillers can result in chairs that are not as safe and that can’t bear as much stress. At Vision Furniture, all of our Chiavari chairs come with a 15-Month Limited Warranty to help protect your investment. Every one of our chairs is put through our 12-Point Quality Assurance Inspection to ensure that your event will be safe and successful.

2) Make sure that the staff is knowledgeable

Chiavari chair retailers often feature one employee who takes your order, another who answers questions about the chairs and still another if you have any issues with it…and these employees may not even work at the same location. Vision Furniture’s owners have been intimately involved with Chiavari chairs since 2003 and they are the voices you will hear when you call the company with any questions. If the staff at Vision Furniture doesn’t immediately know the answer to your Chiavari chair question, someone will contact you as soon as they learn the answer.

3) Is the company reputable?

Even if you Google Chiavari chair companies, how do you know that they are all reputable? One way is to look for customer reviews on the business, but another way is to check a company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Vision Furniture has an A-Plus rating from the BBB (//www.bbb.org/washington-dc-eastern-pa/business-reviews/furniture-manufacturers/vision-furniture-inc-in-philadelphia-pa-163059112/). A company that mistreats its customers won’t receive an A-plus BBB rating.

4) Is “customer service” an oxymoron?

Every business should put the customers first, but that’s not always the case. With so many automated systems, it is rare to call a business and actually talk to a person instead of a recording! When you call Vision Furniture, you won’t reach an operator. You won’t be put on hold and forgotten. You will actually reach key staff who will treat you like we would like to be treated. Every customer relationship is important to Vision Furniture, no matter the size of the purchase.

5) Remember: Not all websites are as they seem

Almost anyone can create a nice website. Whether you hire a web design company or use a paint-by-numbers web design template, almost every business has a website. If you search for Chiavari chair retailers, there are a number of different sites that come up. Not every Chiavari chair company is honest in how their products are displayed on their site; in fact some are unscrupulous! At Vision Furniture, we personally take every photo of our Chiavari chairs and display them on our website. If you see a picture of a Chiavari chair on our site and see the same one on another retailer’s site, it doesn’t mean that we have the same chairs; it means that one of our competitors has actually “stolen” our artwork. Vision Furniture doesn’t cut corners in our website design and display, and we don’t cut corners in any other aspect of our business. We have an extensive section with information on our line of Chiavari chairs, from outlining the buying process to design and safety. If we put this kind of care and effort into our website, just think how much we put into the design and safety of our chairs!

For more information on Vision Furniture’s line of Chiavari chairs, visit www.chiavarichairs.com or call (215) 695-3300.



Written + Published by: Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs Manufacturer + Special Event Rentals

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