Clear Chiavari Chairs: High Value vs. Cheap Price

The Clear Chiavari Chair has a chic, modern look and every year it continues to grow in popularity. But because of its popularity, a lot of low-cost, low-quality versions of this model have flooded the market. At Vision Furniture our mission has always been to offer higher quality products at a fair price. We’re not the cheapest Clear Chiavari Chair producer out there — but our goal is to sell quality over quantity. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our Clear Chiavari Chairs and because of that they are a great value at a fair price — here’s why:



Clear Chiavari Chairs 1) It might be easier to sell lower cost products, but Vision Furniture chooses to produce higher cost, higher value products because they offer the best long-term reliability for our clients. Having a beautiful product that lasts results in a lot of happy customers! Many of whom have written us reviews online: read reviews.


2) The virgin resin used in our Clear Chiavari Chair is perfectly clear without any off-color imperfections such as tinges of blue or green. Also, our chair has been product tested to be more durable and more reliable than our competitor’s chairs in chair back durability tests. This test measures how many times someone can lean back in the chair before the joints or the chair back is compromised.



3) We ship only fully assembled chairs. Many of our competitors ship their Clear Chiavari Chairs unassembled. This is a cheap way of doing business and makes overall costs lower for the producer — but can cause problems for the consumer. First, assembly of large quantities of “knock-down” chairs requires a lot of labor. It’s very time consuming and labor intensive, which means additional costs for the customer. It also doesn’t guarantee that the chairs were manufactured correctly at the origin factory. At Vision we make sure that our chairs are made to the highest standards and for us it is essential to import the chairs fully assembled. Shipping fully assembled chairs from our factory is more costly but guarantees a much higher level of quality control than those who import unassembled. For example, unassembled product has a higher chance of the hardware not being installed properly. This causes big problems for the end user who has to assemble 300 Chairs which may have a nut or bolt that was not set into the resin properly. We ship only fully assembled chairs and we examine the whole chair frame before it is packaged to prevent shipping products that might have defects. This is more costly for us but it cuts down on problems for our customers.


4) A great way to see and compare the product quality of the Clear Chiavari Chair producers that you are considering is to order a sample chair and compare the samples side by side. Check the details* and the quality of the construction of the chair as well as the service offered by the seller.

*A good way to test the quality of a chair is to look at the clarity of the resin, the hardware on the underside of the chair, and the amount and placement of air bubbles within the frame.


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Written and Published by Vision Furniture



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