Clear Chiavari Ice Chairs Now Offered By Vision Furniture

Vision Furniture is now offering clear poly carbonate resin Chiavari ballroom chairs as part of its expanding furniture inventory in 2012. Vision Furniture carries these clear Chiavari chairs to meet the needs of clients who request a sleek, unique and modern seating solution to complement their venue and special event needs. This poly carbonate chair is clear like glass and can transform an event through its ability to capture and reflect the lighting and ambience of the room in the manner of glass, crystal or ice.

“We have received a lot of inquiries for the clear Chiavari chairs,” Vision Furniture President Anthony Tokarchyk explains. “We didn’t just go out and get the cheapest clear Chiavari chair possible; it took two years of development and testing to find the correct chair, test it properly and then make it even better.”

There is a wide difference in quality between Vision Furniture’s clear Chiavari chairs and the quality of their competitors. The main difference is reliability and choosing the proper design so that the chair will be safe and attractive.

Vision Furniture uses pure polycarbonate resin to ensure that its chairs are clearer and more stable than its competitors with controlled air bubbles so that the style and look of the chair will be as consistent as possible. Most importantly, the Clear Chair will be more reliable than others on the market because they have focused on the chair back’s durability. Another benefit of Vision Furniture’s clear resin Chiavari chairs is the fact that the chair is safe for all types of floors.

Tokarchyk and his staff only use 100% virgin polycarbonate resin, not recycled resins. Recycled resins can have too many impurities and inconsistencies that interfere with the safety and durability of the product. Shortcuts are commonly used among resin manufactures to save cost at the sake of product durability and the end user would never know of such cost-cutting measures.

“We have built Vision Furniture on a foundation of integrity, quality and value,” Tokarchyk said. “These three things are absolutely required in every product we sell and we want our customers to be educated in the products that they are buying. We control the inconsistencies in our polycarbonate resin, and that means that our clear Chiavari chairs look better and are safer for our customers.”

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