Chiavari Cushion Slip Covers: Beautiful & Functional

Are you sick of dealing with tight zippers on your Chiavari Chair Cushions? Does it take way too long to take your cushion foam in and out of their covers?


Ivory Poly-Twill Slip Cover

Ivory Poly-Twill Slip Cover

You should consider the alternative: Envelope Style Slip Covers


Our Chiavari Cushion Slip Covers are quick and easy to take on and off. Whether you are removing your cushion cover for laundering or just want to switch up the color of your cushion in a snap – our envelope style design takes all the hassle out of switching covers – and they fit right over your existing zippered cushion cover!


Vision Furniture Slip Covers fit most classic style Chiavari cushions and are available for rent or purchase in 30+ colors. **With so many color options, from classic whites and ivories to trendy brights and pastels, you and your clients can complement any décor and style your next event to perfection.


Best of all, once your event is over the ease of the envelope style slip cover really cuts down on time and labor costs. When it comes to cleaning and switching out your cushion covers the zipperless envelope style cover will take a fraction of the time it takes to wrestle with a tight and sticky zippered cover.


Bottom of Ivory Damask Slip Cover with envelope style opening.

Bottom of Ivory Damask Slip Cover with envelope style opening.

Envelope Style Slip Covers

  • so easy to take on and off
  • no zipper!
  • cuts down on time and labor costs
  • comes in 30+ colors
  • easy and inexpensive to ship
  • protects your existing covers




**Our fancy color Bengaline Slip Covers are available for rent and can be custom-made for purchase. Our (5) standard color Poly-Twill Slip Covers are  in-stock and available now for rent or purchase (white, ivory, black, brown, ivory damask).


Watermelon Low-Res (3) Tiffany Low-Res (2) Apple Low-Res (3)

Our Slip Covers and other Chiavari Chair accessories are now available to purchase online! Visit our online Retail Shop (which also has a wholesale section) today at //


Want to make it easier to take your zippered cushion covers on and off of sticky foam?

Cut down on foam friction with our Vision Furniture Mesh Sleeve.





Written and Published by Vision Furniture

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