Crafting the Resilient Chiavarina

vintage chiavari chairsThe Wall Street Journal posted a great article recently about Chiavari, Italy and the long history behind the unique chairs they create. The Chiavari chairs are hand-crafted and the skill has been passed down through the generations making Chiavari hairs such a valued and historic part of luxury tradition.


“Few [people], however, are aware of [Chiavari’s] strong artisan tradition, and fewer still are familiar with the Chiavarina, a handmade wooden chair that in the 19th century was the pride of Chiavari and the focus of a local industry that employed hundreds of craftsmen, but today remains produced by only two small, family-owned companies.

At once beautiful, resistant and extraordinarily lightweight, it is built entirely by hand, using nothing but seasoned wood, glue and wicker reed for the seats. A Chiavarina chair usually weighs between 1.5 and 2 kilograms—less than an average portable computer—and, if taken care of correctly, will last for generations.”


At Vision Furniture we continue the tradition of hand-crafted, high-quality Chiavari chairs and strive to bring them to the market in a more affordable way. We build thousands of chairs per month and have worked tirelessly to provide a high-quality, resilient chair that looks classically beautiful at an affordable price.


Click here to view the original article on the Wall Street Journal website.




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