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Resin Folding Chair Cart

folding chair cart dolly

Multi-functional Folding Chair Cart

Our Flat Dolly Folding Chair Cart is great for transporting our Resin Folding Chairs and with its versatile size and shape this push cart is easy to use for other warehouse or ballroom transportation needs like boxes, crates, tables, chairs and other cumbersome items.


The VF push cart quickly moves 30-35 resin folding chairs around your ballroom or warehouse with minimal effort. The cart has a durable steel/polyethylene frame and reinforced ball-bearing wheels that are durable and built to glide around ballroom surfaces without causing damage or abrasions.


We use this Multi-Functional Push Cart for not only Resin Folding Chairs but also: Tables, Charger Plates, Boxes and more! This cart has made it so much easier to move inventory around our warehouse and on the job at rental venues – it can help your business too!


Folding Chair Cart Dolly – Transport Inventory Quickly & Easily!


Versatile Folding Chair Cart Details:


  • 1,500 lb capacity
  • Use safety strap (1 included) to secure cargo to cart
  • Durable polyethylene and steel frame
  • Made in the USA!
  • Premium 4″ non-marking casters with brakes
  • Versatile Size 32″ x 21″ x 7″


Learn more about push carts, panel carts and other items that can help your business save time and money transporting rental items around the warehouse!


How to Assemble Your Folding Chair Cart

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