Don’t Fall Victim to the Frankenstein Chiavari Chair

The state of the Chiavari Chair marketplace must be in shambles! How could our competitors have fallen so far? We came to this realization last week when we came across a mutant strain of Chiavari chair that was not wooden or metal or resin but a combination of all three! A wooden frame with resin spindles and metal screws is just another tragic example of how trying to cut costs has resulted in an unreliable product that is ugly and hard to maintain.


One of the basic problems is: how do you maintain a chair like this? You can always repair the wooden parts with touch-up materials, but you cannot touch-up the resin parts. Also, the finish on the wood and the finish on the resin are NEVER going to look the same. The more important question is: How can resin spindles work in wooden joints and stay safely and firmly in place? The answer is: They can’t. The two mediums just do not work together because wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature, while resin does not.


Other chair manufactures have stooped so low with their production. They no longer care about making safe, reliable and long lasting products. Instead of keeping everything under one roof they take the cheap way out and outsource different parts of the chair to other factories. This is partially due to the fact that production costs in China and all over the world have risen considerably over the last few years. And it is less costly to pop chair parts out of a mold like Chiclets as opposed to crafting each piece out of wood.


Here at Vision Furniture we don’t mind spending a little bit more to make sure that our products are made with the best materials which results in safe and reliable (and pretty!) chairs. We put the time and effort into making not only a durable Chiavari Chair but we also make sure to use high quality fabric, thread, and high density foam for our cushions as well. We care about craftsmanship, reliability, beauty and value and we don’t outsource our production to other factories to save on costs.


Cutting corners and cutting costs takes a reliable product and turns it into a liability.


Vision Furniture products are manufactured to be the reliable and long lasting alternative to our competitor’s cheap quality. We are always trying to improve our designs and offer your business good value Chiavari Chair products that are durable and easy to maintain. By putting our focus on quality first, we can provide a product directly to you that will actually cost you less over time!



Written & Published by Vision Furniture


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