Gold Chiavari Chairs

Vision Furniture has been manufacturing Chiavari Chairs since 2003 and Gold has always been our MOST popular color. But Chiavari is a style of chair, not a brand. Every manufacturer makes their chair frame a little different. Which means there are SO many options. Wood, Steel, Resin, Aluminum and countless price and quality levels. It makes the purchasing process very confusing! We want to give you some tips on how to buy a Gold Chiavari Chair and let you know what separates our chair from the competition.

VIDEO: What to Look for When Shopping for Gold Chiavari Chairs


Gold is the most classic Chiavari Chair color and when buying Gold, you want to look for a beautiful, rich metallic finish that will enhance your event space.

Vision Furniture paints use real metallic pigments so our chair will gleam in your event space. And we’ve never changed the formula of our gold gloss paint so you can be sure to get the same rich gold color year after year.

gold chiavari ballroom chair without a cushion
Gold Chiavari Chair by Vision

When shopping for Gold Chiavari Chairs you must be careful because there are so many different shades and tones of gold color on the market.

In the video above we look at four Chiavari Chairs from four different companies to show you how different the look of a Gold Chiavari Chair can be.

  • Example 1: Aluminum chair with powder-coated greenish finish
  • Example 2: Mono-block chair with an electric gold, painted finish
  • Example 3: Resin Steel-Core chair with orange-gold finish
  • Example 4: Wood chair with dull gold finish and thin paint layer
  • Vision Furniture: Wood chair with bright, rich, elegant gold finish

The finish of a Chiavari Chair should not only look good but should also be durable and easy to maintain. Commercial chairs need to be workhorses that will be long lasting for your business.

Vision Furniture’s Gold semi-gloss paint finish uses a special Tri-Layer Paint System. This means we use golden colored putty, primers and paints.

If you scratch our gold chair, you will get gold underneath which is much better than our competitors who use white putties and primers under a gold finish. Gold is also one of our easiest colors to maintain and touch-up using our own blend of metallic spray paint.

Other Features to Look For When Shopping for Chiavari Chairs:

anthony from vision furniture holds gold chiavari chair to display chair glides

Anthony from Vision Furniture holding Gold Chiavari Chair

  • Inside Chair Legs are sanded smooth – reduces wear and tear during stacking

  • Hardened Steel Seat Bolts. So, our metal doesn’t strip when being tightened

  • Quality Chair Glides keep your floors safe from scratches!

  • Our chair structure meets all 6 BIFMA 5.1 tests for reliability

  • VF has a 2-year limited warranty covering the chair structure

  • All chairs are proudly labeled Vision Furniture

We know that buying Chiavari Chairs can be tricky with so many options available. Vision Furniture has been producing Chiavari Chairs since 2003. Our mission has always been to produce a great value Chiavari Chair for companies looking for Durability and Style at a great price point.

Call us M-F at 215.695.3300 or email us at for more information or to order a sample.

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Rows of Gold Chiavari Chairs in Vision Furniture Factory

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