Environmentally Friendly Chiavari Cushions: Non-Disposable!

What does “Going Green” even mean these days? It’s a phrase that is tossed around in every Chiavari Cushionsbusiness today. Why is it important to be green (environmentally friendly)? And is it just something that sounds good, or is it actually important to your company’s bottom line?

We all know that going green means trying to preserve our natural resources and landfills from becoming bigger, not better. Every business can do things to become greener, but is it more important than trying to increase profits and cut expenses? What if you could do both?

There’s a way to spend less & become more environmentally friendly at the same time!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not and we’ll show you why…

Vision Furniture has the highest-quality Chiavari chairs in the industry. Every one of our chairs goes through a 12-step Quality Control inspection process in the United States to make sure that it will be around for our customers.

Our environmentally friendly Chiavari cushions aren’t the cheapest out there, but they are by far the most durable and longest-lasting. You can either pay a little more for our Chiavari cushions now, or end up replacing cheaper cushions every one to two years and clogging up landfills all over the country.

Not a big deal, right?

Tossing one chair cushion out at a dump doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? It doesn’t take up much space. But what if you are chucking 200+ cushions out every time the seams come apart, the Velcro falls off or the foam goes flat? How much space do you think 200 cushions takes up at a landfill?

Here’s how much:

Size of 200 Chiavari Cushions

Why do ours cost a little more? They are Environmentally Friendly Chiavari Cushions!

Better Workmanship:
Our quality, skilled sewing results in stronger seams. We use thicker Velcro and more durable thread so you won’t be buying new cushions every couple years. Just give our chair cushion seams a tug and you’ll see how strong they are!

Tougher Materials:
Our upgraded cushion zippers cost a little more, but they last far longer than others that get stuck and break sooner. Our cushion foam is also made from pure, quality materials so it doesn’t feel like your customers are sitting on cardboard six months after you buy them.

The bottom line is that cushionschiavari cushion at Vision Furniture might cost a little more up front, but they will last longer than other cushions. This means that you will save money because you won’t be buying replacement cushions. It also means that you will be helping to preserve the environment for your children and their children by keeping worthless chair cushions out of landfills.

If you try Vision Furniture’s environmentally friendly chiavari cushions for your next purchase, you will be able to walk the “green” walk instead of just talking the talk.



Written + Published by: Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs Manufacturer + Special Event Rentals


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