How Does Vision Furniture Ship Orders & What Will Delivery Be Like?

IMG_5804-editSmall Orders are shipped by FedEx Ground in cartons and can be delivered directly to your business or home.


Large Orders are almost always quoted with delivery by a contracted trucking company with the chairs packed in cartons and put on pallets.


Local Orders are generally delivered by our own trucks with the chairs packed in shrink wrapped stacks. We can offer many different services such as inside delivery and flexible delivery times.



Delivery is Important: Many clients order 100-500 chairs at a time, which is a lot of freight, so a smooth delivery is part of having a good purchasing experience. Therefore, it is important to know how your order will be delivered so that the chairs are shipped with the proper services. This will make delivery easy with no surprises.


How the Chairs are Packaged: Large orders of chairs and cushions are almost always shipped packed in cartons that are put on pallets. Our staff inspects all of the freight prior to shipping and our chairs go through a 12 point inspection process to make sure that they are in great condition prior to shipping. We also take great pride in our packaging by using the proper foams, wraps and high-quality cardboard to make sure that our chairs are protected during shipping.


You Should Know: Most shipping quotes are offered at the lowest rate which is basic business to business delivery service. This means that the chairs are packaged on pallets and the trucking company brings the chairs to your business, but they don’t unload the truck for you. The receiving  location is responsible for unloading the freight and this provides the lowest cost. Also, the truck will arrive during normal business hours without a call or scheduled delivery time. The location of delivery must be large truck accessible so most trucking companies charge extra when shipping to residences, schools, universities and churches. If a scheduled delivery time, liftgate, or help unloading the freight is required there will be additional charges. This is why it is important to discuss your receiving situation when placing your order so that the chairs are delivered with the proper services to make delivery a smooth process.



How Can You Get the Pallets of Freight Off of the Truck?:

1) You can use a forklift, loading dock or schedule a liftgate.

2) If you don’t have any of the above, many clients opt for the manual method which involves climbing into the truck to break down the pallets and remove the cartons by hand.


If You Need More Services — Don’t Worry:

1) If you need a delivery appointment one can be scheduled, typically at an added cost with most carriers, but some carriers offer scheduled delivery free of charge.

2) If you need the chairs brought to street level we can book a liftgate and the driver will bring the chairs to street level for you.

3) Many trucking companies charge extra to deliver to farms, schools, churches, and universities — inquire when booking if applicable.


How to Make Sure Your Chairs Arrive Safely:IMG_5663

1) When the chairs are packed on pallets, it is very important that the chairs are delivered on pallets. Our packing system is successful to ship from Philadelphia across the country to California or across the ocean packed in containers. But the chairs must stay packaged in their original cartons and not removed from the pallets to ensure safe delivery.

2) Sometimes trucking companies get creative when trying to make all of their freight fit in one truckload. So, they remove the freight from the original packaging, dispose of the pallets and stack the cartons. When this happens, damage may occur because the cartons are not protected, nor standing up as intended.

3) Clients receiving chairs from a trucking company that are not on pallets should not accept the freight or sign any bills of lading, but should call Vision Furniture immediately.

4) As long as the freight is received in the condition as originally packaged, and the pallets look good on arrival, the chairs will be fine and should be accepted.


Once the chairs are received, they are ready to use, but should be examined to make sure that nothing had been damaged or broken during shipping. There is a 15 month limited warranty to cover the chair structure after the chairs are received.

Written and Published by Vision Furniture

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