How to Buy Rental Products for Your Business


When running your own rental business it is important to invest in high-quality, reliable products that are built with features that make them easy to service and repair. Well made, durable products will have a long lifespan in your inventory and this means less breakage, lower replacement costs and a higher return on investment.


At Vision Furniture we always tell our clients that it is important to invest in the best rental products that they can afford. This is because the difference in the initial purchase price of low-end rental chairs versus the price of Vision Furniture rental chairs is not that high and can be made up with just 2-3 rentals. After the chair cost is covered you will have a reliable Vision Furniture product that will last for years and comes from a company that offers full service touch-up products, a good warranty, reliable cushions and great customer service.


Therefore, as long as you have rental clients, paying off the cost of the rental chairs is a quick process. The real cost of owning Chiavari Chairs is not the initial investment but the cost of storage, maintenance, cushion cleaning, overhead, insurance, trucks, and labor — and these costsIMG_4252 are all necessary to run any rental business.


Since the chairs get paid off quickly once you start renting them, you are better off investing in the most reliable products available. Vision Furniture has maintenance solutions when you need them and we build our chairs and accessories to be long lasting, which means less breakage and lower replacement costs throughout the life of the chair. Buying good rental products from the start is always a smart business investment.




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