Chiavari Cushions: Washing & Maintenance


washing chiavari cushionsWe have designed our cushions and chosen materials carefully in order to produce the best quality Chiavari Cushion in the industry. VF Chiavari Cushions feature high density foam, stain resistant Poly-Twill fabric and super strong poly-core thread. When needed replacement Cushion Covers and Slip Covers are available for purchase at:


Classic Cushions:

Using Cushions for the 1st Time:

New Chiavari cushions, when first opened, may have a slight foam smell that will dissipate once the cushions are removed from the bags. We use high density foam for its long lifespan. The firm foam will soften after a few uses but not go flat like lesser quality foams.


Stain Resistant Finish:

Most of our fabrics feature a stain resistant finish which repels water and staining. This finish is not stain proof and will wear away after a few washes. You can apply a product such as Scotch Guard if needed to maintain the stain resistance of the fabric.


Washing Your Chiavari Cushions:

washing chiavari cushions


We found the best results for washing cushion covers is by washing machine. In fact, you can wash large quantities of cushion covers and remove stains quickly and efficiently. See next section for laundering prep.


Cushion Cover Laundering

Preparation: Remove foam core from cover, close zippers and close Velcro straps, if applicable. *Not closing the Velcro could cause it to snag and pull the fabric of another cushion, causing wear and tear.



Tips on Washing Cushions:

  • Do not wash the covers with the foams – foam will not dry properly
  • If washing Velcro, keep Velcro closed to prevent snagging
  • Wash like colors such together to prevent bleeding colors
  • Wash using warm water and a quality commercial detergent such as A1 Star Power Detergent
  • Commercial detergents have enzymes that breakdown stains better than residential detergent
  • Heavily soiled covers can be soaked in a detergent solution overnight to breakdown stains
  • Stains should be treated as soon as possible. The longer it sits the stronger the stain sets

Other Ways to Clean Cushion Covers:

A carpet extractor machine, such as the little green Bissell or a commercial grade carpet extractor, can clean cushions while the foam is still inside by using an extraction method.


Drying Cushions:

100% polyester cushion covers can be dried on high. (Keep colors coordinated so that you dry light with light and dark with dark.) Our covers are 100% polyester and will not shrink.


Tips on Drying

  • Do not over-crowd the dryer or covers might dry wrinkled and need ironing
  • Covers that are dried with enough room will not need to be ironed
  • Once drying is finished, don’t let covers sit for too long or ironing may be needed
  • If ironing is needed, use an iron with a Teflon boot and iron on high. The Teflon boot will prevent the iron from leaving marks on the fabric

Inserting & Removing Foam from Cushion Covers:

The trickiest part of cleaning Chiavari cushions can be putting the foam back into the cushion covers. This is because the foam has a lot of friction against the fabric so a special tool needs to be used.


Mesh Sleeve:

This new innovation is basically a mesh sleeve that goes over the foam core to give the surface more slip. Once installed, the sleeve always stays on the foam so that whenever it comes time to remove the foam or put it back into the cushion cover, the foam will slide in more easily and more quickly. For high volume cushion cleaning, this product will save lots of time and money. Available to purchase online at:

Mesh Sleeve for Chiavari Cushions

New Mesh Sleeve

Mesh Sleeve and Foam Core for Chiavari Cushions

Mesh Sleeve on Foam Core










Cushion Sheath/Plastic Bag:

Other methods of getting the cushion foam back into the cushion cover include: putting the foam into a plastic bag that is open on both sides and then sliding the foam into the cushion cover. The bag can be removed once the foam is in the correct position.

*Some companies cover their foam in plastic wrap to give the foam slip, but we do not recommend this because it makes an unpleasant noise when sat upon and the cushion doesn’t breathe properly.

Other Available Fabrics:


Bengaline is a 100% polyester fabric offered in many bright or neutral colors Crimson Bengaline Chiavari Cushionsand has a subtle sheen. This fabric is popular for events because of its high end look and feel but can show oil stains easier than our classic poly-twill fabric. However, Bengaline fabric is easy to clean following the same cleaning methods above. We recommend Bengaline as a Cushion Slip Cover (for Classic Cushions) or Shower Cap Style Cover (for Board Cushions) so that it is easy to put on and take off when dirty.


Vinyl Cushions:

Black Vinyl Chiavari CushionsOur Vinyl Chiavari Cushions are produced using a high performance vinyl that feels like soft leather and has the stain resistance and reliability that you would expect from a good top quality vinyl. For the most part, vinyl cushions can be wiped down with a damp towel and dish soap as needed. We recommend wiping down dirty cushions after each event to prevent staining. Visit our website // for our vinyl care guide.


Tips on Vinyl Board Cushions:

Avoid stacking your chairs more than 4 high to prevent compression marks on the vinyl. If possible, remove Vinyl Board Cushion from chairs when storing for extended periods of time.


Tips on Classic Vinyl Cushions:

Off White Vinyl Chiavari Cushions


Avoid stacking chairs directly on the vinyl cushion. It would be best to flip the cushion up against the chair back and stack chairs wood on wood.





Shower Cap Covers:

Purple Shower Cap for Chiavari Cushions


Change the color of your Chiavari cushions easily with Shower Cap Covers which easily slide over board cushions with a fitted look. 100+ colors available – Made to Order.


Changing the Color of Your Cushions – Quick & Easy:




For those that want to change their cushion color quickly and easily, products exist that can cover over a full cushion quickly to give a new look.


Cushion Slip Cover:

Bottom of Ivory Damask Slip Cover with envelope style opening.

Bottom of Ivory Damask Slip Cover with envelope style opening.



A cushion slip cover has an envelope opening on the bottom and comes with ties. This cover will slip over a full cushion to change the color. These are sold as standard colors and we produce these in made to order colors too.









Shower Cap for Board Cushion:

The shower cap slips over a board cushion to quickly change the cushion color. The cap is fitted for a tailored look with an elastic bottom.

Shower Cap for Chiavari CushionsShower Cap on Chiavari Board CushionsChiavari Cushions - Hard Board Style








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Written & Published by: Vision Furniture



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