Is your Chiavari Chair Back Straight or is There Some Bend?

Is your Vision Furniture Chiavari Chair back completely vertical or is there some degree of bend?

Steam Bending & Chiavari Chairs:

Here you will see that our VF Chiavari Chair back is bent to have some degree of arch . This is purposely done using a steam-bending process to create a more comfortable chair with such an arch rather than a 90 degree right angle to the seat. Of course it takes more time and is more expensive to do this step properly, but this is an import part of the chair creating process which involves, hot water and steam to soften the wood. Once the wood is pliable it is molded into the desired shape in which the wood is then placed into metal molds which holds the part’s shape until it is dried thoroughly in a kiln.  (include images of the parts in metal mold)


The advantages are:

1)      A back with some bend is more comfortable than one with no bend or one that is excessively straight.

2)      A chair with a proper arched back and legs allows for more efficient stacking which creates a more balanced and straighter stack and, the rear legs interlock properly when bent thus allowing for easy stacking.

We feel that our chair is bent to ideal proportions which look attractive and serve a functional purpose.

Each chair is handmade and naturally bent so the degree of angle does vary slightly from chair to chair depending on how the chair dried and the humidity, etc.

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