How to Maintain Chiavari Chairs

Vision Furniture Chairs, Cushions and Accessories are built to high standards for durability, strength and beauty. With a little regular maintenance your items will look great and last for years and years to come. Read on to learn how to Maintain Chiavari Chairs by Vision.


How to Maintain Chiavari Chairs by Vision Furniture


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Our BIFMA (Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) certified Chiavari Chairs are the only Chiavari chair on the market to pass all 6 BIFMA furniture testing standards for safety and reliability. This means you’re getting the best quality chair available at this price point.



Routine Maintenance:
In order to maintain chiavari chairs tightening the rear seat bolts of your chairs and checking the structure regularly is essential to provide your clients with safe and reliable seating. These inspection steps are necessary throughout the life of the chairs. Proper maintenance means you should have many years of safe use with your chairs.


Tightening Rear Seat Bolts:
There are 2 rear seat bolts at the back of each chair connecting the leg post to the seat. Sometimes during use, these can loosen. Use an Allen Key to keep the bolts tight. You can purchase this style Allen Key at any hardware store. Keeping the bolts tight will keep the chair structure reliable for the long term.


how to maintain chiavari chairs

Routine Examination of Chairs:
During the life of a commercial chair unintended damage can happen for a variety of reasons. Chairs with signs of structural problems should be taken out of service immediately and repaired as needed.


  • check for cracked or broken chair joints and/or structural problems
  • check for broken or missing spindles
  • check for chairs that are wobbly with loose joints


Storing & Stacking Chiavari Chairs:


  • Stack chairs up to 8 high. Note: the higher the stack the more it can lean forward so, you may need to adjust the number of chairs in each stack depending on if the flooring is not completely level.
  • If you’re using Classic Chiavari Cushions, it is recommended to flip the cushion up and stack the chairs wood on wood so that the cushions don’t get compression marks from stacking.
  • If using Vinyl Board Cushions, you may only be able to stack up to 4 chairs high to prevent compression marks. If possible, it is recommended removing board cushions from the chair seat if stacking and storing the chairs for an extended period of time.
  • store chairs indoors or under some type of covering where they are protected from the elements

use VF Touch Up Paint to Maintain Chiavari Chairs

Touching up Your Chairs:

Vision Furniture offers a variety of maintenance products for touching up all of our wood chair frames, as well as glue for any loose chair joints.

These can be purchased online at:


Cleaning Your Chairs:

When cleaning your chairs, use a damp towel and warm water to remove any food or grease from the chair frame. A small amount of mild dish soap can be used as well, if needed.

*Do not use cleaning products such as Pledge or other harsh cleansers or polishes that contain silicone as this will contaminate the surface of the chair’s finish and prevent you from refinishing the chair in the future as paint and lacquers will not adhere properly to silicone.



What to do with Wobbly Chairs:
In the event that a chair becomes wobbly, the chair should be taken out of service and repaired. First, tighten the rear seat bolts – then, we recommend purchasing a glue kit which you can use to inject glue into the chair joints to solve any excess movement. Make sure there are no other wobbly chairs and if you notice excessively wobbly chairs, there may be some type of atmospheric issue causing the underlying problem, such as large fluctuations in humidity/dryness or direct contact with too much water.

Chiavari Chair Cart dolly


Transporting Chiavari Chairs:

Move stacks up to 8 chairs high!

Chair Carts are available for purchase online:


Protecting Chiavari Chairs:

If you’re in the business of transporting Chiavari Chairs from event to event, use Protective Chair Covers to keep your chair’s finish protected from dust, scratching and the elements. VF Chiavari Chair Covers are one of the best ways to maintain chiavari chairs.

Chair covers come in 2 sizes (full or standard length) and are available at:


Interested in ordering maintenance products or additional Chiavari inventory?

Request a Quote online here: //

or call 215.695.3300




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