Q&A: Why Are There Cheap Alternatives to VF Chiavari Chairs?

Q: One of my managers took a price from China.  They can sell chair with cushion for $23.95 . Plus shipping.  Same color same kind.

A: (This post is copied from an actual email we exchanged with a client.)

There are many low priced producers of the Chiavari Chair in Asia and of course all of the chairs look similar online, but there are large differences. Vision Furniture is the only factory managed by a USA company in China producing to USA standards which makes the production costs higher but the end result is a product that performs reliably, looks beautiful and is durable and easy to maintain.

The reason why you can always find very cheaply made Chiavari Chairs at low prices is because it is too expensive for those factories to manage the factory and their material buying in a quality way because those companies only compete with each other (other China factories) on price and not quality. And, there is no responsibility or incentive for their product’s safety in foreign countries because there is no risk for the foreign factory so little attention is given to the chair’s reliability.

Quality is not something inherent in a Asian factory that is accustomed only to rock bottom prices, no responsibility or incentives for  product safety in foreign countries and fast production for 1 time customers; it is something that is developed with a large investment and cooperation from a foreign company that pays more and brings technology and standards to the table.

We have a large market for International customers looking to pay more money for a reliable product that is built to a certain standard. Therefore, our clients demand reliability and chairs and cushions that look good and will provide years of reliable use as well as being safe for their clients.

It is like buying an Iphone from Apple ( made in China ) or buying a low priced fake one online that looks like an Iphone but doesn’t work properly. You can find many products like this online and on China trading websites. All Chiavari Chairs look similar, but there are significant differences in performance, looks, reliability, and safety.

And, if you would like, I’d be happy to discuss all of the developments that have gone into each aspect of our product.

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