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louis chateau wedding chair with rattan back

Rustic Louis Chair with Cane Backphoto courtesy of: Hope Helmuth Wedding Photography, Arielle Fera Events, and Ram Floral


Choosing a wedding chair for your big day may not seem like it should be high on your priority list. But keeping room in your budget for beautiful chairs – that you don’t just like but LOVE – is something you should consider.


An attractive chair can elevate the whole aesthetic of your ceremony and reception. (And you will end up with wedding photos that look more polished as a result!)


Think about it – your guests need somewhere comfortable to sit during your ceremony and reception, and whichever chair you settle on will be in the majority of your wedding photos. Having an aesthetically pleasing seating option is more essential that you might realize. Here we are going to give you a run down of some of the most iconic wedding chairs available and one is sure to match your vision!



WOOD CHIAVARI CHAIR – The Classic Ballroom Chair

mahogany wood tiffany ballroom chairs

Mahogany Chiavari Chairsphoto courtesy of: Soli Events, Abhi Sarkar Photography, and Arj Signature Design

The wood Chiavari Chair is THE classic Ballroom Chair. From its Italian origin to reaching icon status after being used in JFK and Jackie O’s wedding, to still being featured prominently in royal and celebrity weddings today, this petite chair is the gold standard.

In 2018 the Chiavari ballroom chair is more popular than ever and in our rental business the Chiavari options are rented out more than ALL other wedding chair options combined! The most popular colors are Gold and Mahogany, (Champagne is a close third) but there are many different color and cushion options to suite your style.

Chiavari Chairs are made in a variety of materials like aluminum, resin, or steel, but wood is the most iconic. Natural materials like wood exude a warmth and richness that gives the chairs an Old-World feel. Other materials just can’t compete! However, Clear Poly-carbonate Resin Chiavari Chairs are a widely used modern option for this classic style of chair.



white wedding chairs - folding chairs with clip in seat

White Resin Folding Chairs with Padded Seatphoto courtesy of: McShea Photography and The Logan Hotel

The White Resin Folding Chair, which can also be called a Garden Chair, is the most popular option for outdoor wedding ceremonies. This folding chair is versatile due to its clean and casual aesthetic that can easily be dressed up or down. It’s easy to add flowers or ribbon to the chair back in order to fit your vision.

White Folding Chairs offer elegant simplicity for any outdoor ceremony and look great in gardens or on the beach! This chair is budget friendly for brides and an item you will rent over and over if you’re a venue or rental business owner.



White Vinyl Back Louis Wedding Chairs

White Louis Chairs -photo courtesy of: MunaLuchi Bride and Event Loft PA

Named after the French King, Louis the XVI, the Louis Chair can be grand and opulent or more rustic depending on the materials used. This is an enduring style that features an oval back and padded seat that is usually upholstered in linen or vinyl but is also popular with a cane or rattan back.

Modern versions use a white lacquer finish with a clear vinyl back. There are also versions more reminiscent of a french chateau, with natural wood grain finish and a cane back. Louis chairs, no matter the style, bring structure and substance to any table.

Louis Chairs are generally more expensive to rent due to their larger size and more luxurious look and feel. They look more like something you would see in an elegant home rather than a rental item! Keep in mind that Louis Chairs are wider than more petite rental chairs, like a Chiavari Chair, which can effect how many chair you are able to fit around the table.



Mirage Wedding Chairs - Clear Lucite

Clear Ghost Chairsphoto courtesy of: The Logan Hotel and Sheronda Searight Photography

The sleek and modern look of the Ghost Chair has been popular for many years. The minimalist silhouette lets your floral arrangements, tablescape or venue be the star while still adding a contemporary feel to your event. The Ghost Chair’s uncomplicated style pairs well with both classic and more current event spaces.

The most popular Ghost Chair color is clear but this chair is often available in Black, White, or Smoke as well. This is a great option for anyone looking to create a striking decor aesthetic that isn’t too over the top.



Farmhouse chic weddings have been depending on Cross Back Chairs for years! But this chair’s rustic style can look provincial, beachy or woodsy depending on what you pair them with. Cross Back Chairs are also a little wider than most rental side chairs – so keep that in mind when calculating how many chairs you would like to fit per table.

Cross Back Chairs are usually available with a wood grain finish in either a natural, raw wood or a stained Walnut or Mahogany wood. You may be able to find Whitewash and Black Lacquer options as well – but more natural finishes tend to be most popular.




THONET CHAIR – Bentwood Chair

walnut bentwood chairs

Walnut Thonet Bentwood Chairs -photo courtesy of: Sonya T Photography and Total Table Linens

Bentwood is a popular wedding chair modeled after the Parisian cafe chairs originally designed by furniture designer Michael Thonet. This bistro chic style has an effortless appeal that fits well in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Thonet Chairs are a great alternative to the Chiavari or Cross Back Chair. If you are looking for an option that isn’t used quite as often as other wedding chairs, the Thonet Chair is usually a little more difficult to find and rented a less often.

CHROME CHAIR – Shiny Metals

silver metal wedding chair

Silver Chrome Dorsia Chairs -photo courtesy of: Feast Your Eyes Catering, Polka Dot Events and Du Soleil Photo

With a resurgence of  the lounge aesthetic from the 70s and 80s the Dorsia Chair is most commonly found in Silver Chrome or reflective Gold. Metal wedding chairs can go glam when paired with a mirror table or have an edgier, nightclub feel when used alongside more modern or minimalist decor. This high impact look will be a showstopper no matter how you style it!

This exotic style of reception chair is typically more expensive to source than more classic ballroom chairs. If you love the glamorous look but don’t want to fill your whole room, think about featuring a shiny metal chair for just your Sweetheart Table or Head Table.









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