How the Chiavari Chair Market Works: Chiavari Chair Pricing

Chiavari Chair Pricing can be tricky! There are so many different manufactures, quality and price levels. So make sure to do your homework before investing in the cheapest chair you can fine!


Chiavari Chair Pricing: Know the Facts


Here at Vision Furniture we get a lot of questions about pricing and why our chairs are a better value for the money. Read on to see an explanation taken from a real email between President Anthony Tokarchyk and a Vision Furniture customer….


Here’s a good explanation of how the Chiavari Chair market/Chiavari Chair Pricing  works:dollarsign


At the low end of the market there are companies selling their chair for $33.00 with a free cushion. This price indicates that those chairs are sourced from a high-volume, low-quality Chinese factory. There are many, many Chinese factories producing this kind of chair. When imported to the U.S. market the price for these low-end Chiavari Chairs is figured out as follows:


Chair Frame: $18.00
+Chair Cushion: $2.00
+Approximate Shipping Costs to the U.S.: $6.00 per unit ($5,400 for 900 chairs)
Total Cost = $26.00 per unit
+$7.00 profit for U.S. company

TOTAL = $33.00 selling price for a low-quality chair


At this price level, not much value can be put into the chair. You must consider that the Chinese factory’s raw material, labor, production costs, etc. is all built into this very low price so, there is no way you are getting much built in value or longevity. No high-quality bells and whistles at this price! Plus, the U.S. Dollar has declined almost 24% since 2005. In terms of value, this $20.00 chair today was really a $15.00 chair with cushion in 2005.


So, why does a Vision Furniture brand Chiavari Chair cost more?


Our company doesn’t want to offer a cheap chair and cushion with little long-term value to our clients. We want your investment to last for years, not months. If just a few important things are paid attention to a Chiavari Chair can be of much higher quality.


So, for our Vision Furniture Chiavari Chair we add the following:


+high-quality raw materials
+careful and deliberate manufacturing
+proper packaging
+a real 15 month limited warranty (that we honor!)
+product testing at a BIFMA Lab that shows our chair exceeds in durability testing
+a high density cushion with proper foam, stain resistant fabric, and seams/zippers that don’t rip or fall apart after the first laundering
+every chair is inspected by our staff prior to shipping to meet our specifications
+all of the aftermarket touch-up and maintenance products
+An A+ BBB Rating and a 10 year track record of quality


TOTAL = A good value Chiavari Chair at a fair price



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Written + Published by: Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs Manufacturer + Special Event Rentals



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