Quality Chiavari Chairs: Buying Checklist

Do you have Quality Chiavari Chairs? Do you WANT Quality Chiavari Chairs for your business? Think about it… What are guests doing more than anything else at special events? Sitting!

Quality Chiavari Chairs – You Deserve a Good Value!

The type and style of chairs used for the special event will help predicate the style, vibe and atmosphere for the event or the event facility. Chiavari Chairs have become the ideal seating option for special events because of their timeless look and good value. Almost always, quality Chiavari Chairs will make a venue more elegant and more appealing than any of the old standard banquet chairs. And, you can customize a Chiavari Chair by changing the cushions or by renting decorative bengaline cushion covers.

Poorly manufactured Chiavari chairs can do more than simply dent your budget in replacement costs; they can also cost thousands of dollars in liability if a guest is injured at your event. Buying the right Chiavari chair from the start will save you all this headache and keep you pointed in the right direction for the long-term.

Now, there are some things you should know before purchasing a Chiavari chair:

Chiavari is a style, not a brand. Therefore, there are a lot of variations in the marketplace and one size does not fit all with Chiavari chair manufacturers.


Vision Furniture is the international benchmark in the production of quality Chiavari chairs and sales (www.chiavarichairs.com) and focuses on safety, durability, ease of maintenance and value.

Here is what you should do before you make a Chiavari chair purchase:

  1. Get a quote in writing that covers more than just the chair – At Vision Furniture, our Chiavari chair quote includes everything you need to make an informed quality Chiavari Chair purchase, such as quality and product testing information and an array of complementary Chiavari Products. We offer high quality stain-resistant cushions in a variety of unique fabric and synthetic leather options to meet your design needs. All quotes also include detailed shipping information so that you will know exactly how and when we will deliver your order. Vision Furniture also offers additional options such as protective chair covers, chair carts and maintenance items.
  2. Do your research about the company and its owners – You obviously care about the quality of the Chiavari chair that you are ordering, but you also need to know about the company that is selling it. Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google the company and its owners to see what kind of reputation they have. Vision Furniture has an A-plus BBB rating because Vision Furniture has been in business since 2003 and has delivered quality products and services as promised.It is also a good idea to get references from a company’s customers to find out more about them.
  3. Find out about the company’s longevity – Online furniture businesses come and go like a traveling circus. If you buy Chiavari chairs from a company, you need to know that it will still be around in a year or five if you have questions or need to expand your Chiavari chair inventory. Vision Furniture has been specializing in and manufacturing Chiavari chairs since 2003 (//chiavarichairs.com/about.php), so you know that a Chiavari chair purchase from Vision will be backed by a company that is in the furniture business for the long haul.
  4. Know whether the chair retailer also manufactures the product – Most Chiavari chair retailers only sell the chairs, and they don’t make them nor know any of the details about the quality controls that are required to make the product properly. You might talk to a salesperson that may not know much about the Chiavari Chair business or the performance expectations of their chairs, and who may process your order at a shipping warehouse on the other side of the country, drawing from a fulfillment center with unknown quality standards for their chairs. At Vision Furniture, we rent and sell our own Chiavari chairs, and we are the only company who completely controls our manufacturing process, from the manufacturing of the quality Chiavari Chairs to prepping the product for shipping in our own warehouses. We only sell our own stock and inventory; therefore, you will always get a Vision Furniture brand chair from our company that will be consistent and reliable.
  5. Ask a lot of questions – Before you make the investment in Chiavari chairs, be sure you ask plenty of questions. Visit or call the retailer and ask someone detailed questions about the Chiavari chairs in which you are interested. If the people you speak with can’t answer your questions, then they’re probably not going to be able to support your needs for the long-term. Vision Furniture is family-owned and operated and the staff has been selling Chiavari chairs since 2003.
  6. Find a company that carries the Chiavari chair you need – If a company doesn’t have the Chiavari chairs you want in stock, it most likely means that they will be drop-shipped from another company. Why is this important? If a business never actually physically handles your Chiavari chairs, then how can they control the quality? Vision Furniture produces your Chiavari chairs and ships them right from our factory, so there are no surprises. We perform a 12-point quality inspection on every chair we produce, and all of our chairs come with a 15-month warranty.
  7. Consider buying a chair sample – It is a good idea to buy a sample Chiavari chair before you make a larger quantity purchase. Seeing a sample helps to ensure that the chair’s color and cushion is a perfect fit for events. A sample also gives you the ability to compare the quality of the chairs in real life. A side-by-side comparison will clearly show you how Vision Furniture’s Chiavari chairs are superior.

To learn more about Vision Furniture’s Quality Chiavari Chairs and their extensive line of Chiavari Chair accessories, visit www.chiavarichairs.com or call (215) 695-3300.



Written + Published by: Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs Manufacturer + Special Event Rentals

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