How to Receive Your Order From Vision Furniture

Making sure that your order arrives in excellent condition is a priority for Vision Furniture. We offer great value shipping solutions whether you are buying a small quantity of products shipped by FedEx Ground or a large, volume order of 1,000+ chairs.


Shrink Wrapped Chiavari Chairs Ready for Delivery

Shrink Wrapped Chiavari Chairs Ready for Delivery

Firstly, we always make sure to pack our orders in a way that will keep them safe in transit and arrive at your warehouse or front door in the same condition that they left our warehouse. All chairs are shipped with protective packaging like high quality boxes, corrugated cardboard dividers and foam sheets.


There are four main ways we deliver products. Your order could be delivered by:


1) FedEx Ground to your front door,

2) by our own professional staff in our own trucks,

3) by a hired third-party trucking company where the freight is packed on pallets or

4) by Full Containers directly from our factory in China to your businesses loading dock.



Here’s What to Expect When Receiving an Order:

Delivery by FedEx Ground


FedEx Packages Waiting for Pick Up

FedEx Packages Waiting for Pick Up

Any small package order, such as a chair cart, 20 or less Chiavari Chairs, or 300 or less cushions is best suited for shipment via FedEx Ground. If you order a larger quantity we will assess the best value option for your order.


All of our small packages are professionally packaged with VF marked cartons and delivered to your front door by FedEx Ground. Most small orders are packaged and shipped the same day they are ordered so you will receive your products fast!


Delivery by Vision Furniture Truck (PA, NJ, DE, MD)


white vf truck

Our Fleet of Trucks Deliver!

If you are ordering large quantities of Chiavari Chairs, the best way to receive your order is delivery by our professional staff from our own fleet of trucks. Our trucks can easily travel throughout the Tri-State area and within 100 miles of Philadelphia. When Vision Furniture does the delivery, you can be assured that you will get excellent service and you will not have damaged freight.


We deliver directly to your loading dock and even to a 1st floor location that is easily accessible from street level. Our chairs will be packaged in shrink wrapped stacks with protective padding material between chairs to properly keep the chairs safe during the journey.



Advantages of a VF Delivery:

  • No hassle of dealing with a third-party trucking company to receive freight
  • You don’t have to deal with large cartons/pallets and the time it takes to get them off the truck
  • Our VF Staff is prompt and professional and we deliver quickly and help you to unload the freight
  • Once a VF delivery is complete there is very little trash and debris to dispose of

Delivering a Chiavari Chair Order in NYC

Delivering by Third-Party Trucking Company


Third Party Carriers like FedEx Deliver to Areas Outside our Delivery Zone

If you are located anywhere in the USA or Canada, we ship nationwide via our network of quality, third-party trucking companies. We event ship to Alaska and Hawaii! We only work with companies that have an excellent track record for delivering our products without causing damage.


Our chairs, cushions and accessories will be packaged in cartons and then professionally strapped onto pallets that are professionally wrapped and banded to make long journeys (which sometimes include boats and ferries) safe and secure.



Details for Shipping with Third-Party Trucking:

  1. Your chairs will arrive on pallets with four cartons per pallet. The cartons will be shrink-wrapped and strapped onto the pallet to keep them secure and prevent breakage during shipping. Pallets can hold a maximum of 36 chairs – but some carriers have lower height restrictions and can only fit 32 chairs per pallet.
  2. You are responsible for unloading the truck once it arrives at your location. The truck driver will not assist you with unloading the truck. When unloading the pallets, you will need one of the following:
    1. a loading dock and/or forklift
    2. if you requested a lift-gate the truck driver will lower the pallets onto street level. Lift-gates typically cost about $60 -$150 and can be added to the freight quote if needed.
    3. you also have the option to cut the straps and shrink-wrap from the cartons and unload by hand. Each carton generally weigh about 100 pounds – so it would take 2-3 strong people to unload the truck by hand.
tall pallets of chairs by VF truck

Tall Pallets of Chairs Ready to be Shipped

Once you unload the freight, it is important to inspect the cartons/pallets in your order and check for damage. If there is no visible damage then sign the bill of lading to accept the freight.


Signing the Bill of Lading (BOL) is SUPER important. Click Here to read what to do in the event of damage to your freight and how to properly sign off on the BOL.



Container Load Purchase of Chiavari Chairs


For customers that are looking to purchase 500-1,000 Chiavari Chairs at one time, the container load option is typically the best value. Each year, we ship direct containers to customers in the USA, Canada and all over the world.


china direct shipping container

Shipping via Direct Container is the Best Value for Large Volume Orders of 500-1000 Chair Frames

The chairs are produced at our factory in China (This is the same factory that produces the chairs that are sold from our Philadelphia warehouse. Our factory produces only for Vision Furniture, LLC). Each chair then undergoes a 12-point inspection to test the chair color, construction and quality to the same Vision Furniture standard that we enforce at our Philadelphia location.  The chairs are then packaged and loaded into either a 20ft, 40ft or 40ft High Cube container. All of our chairs are shipped fully assembled.


We can load 432 assembled Chiavari Chairs in a 20ft container and 1,000 Chiavari Chairs into a 40ft High Cube Container. The containers are then shipped by our freight company to either your door in the USA or Canada or to your nearest seaport in any other country.

Once you Receive your Container, Here is What you Should Expect:

  • You will have approximately a 2 hour unloading time to unload your container
  • It helps to have a commercial loading dock to properly unload
  • It IS possible to street unload a container by having 2 people in the container and others on the street to help pass down the cartons
  • We recommend having 4-6 people on site with hand trucks to properly unload a container quickly and efficiently

The Advantages of Ordering a Full Container:

  • Best value to receive a large volume quantity of chairs
  • All VF Chairs are professionally packaged and when loaded into the container, they travel very safely
  • The container is sealed and not opened until it reaches the destination (unless customs pull the container for an examination)
  • Very low risk for damage/loss
  • All containers are insured by Vision Furniture from Port to Port or Port to Dock/Door


We want to make sure our customers are educated in all of the ways that we deliver our products so there are no surprises or problems upon delivery. Our goal is always to ensure that our clients receive high-quality, great-value products with ease of delivery and fantastic customer service.


For more information on ordering or receiving products from Vision Furniture please feel free to call us Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm EST at 215.695.3300 or fill out this form to request a quote any time of day.

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