Do You Have A Resin Chiavari Chair?

The only Resin Chiavari Chair that we are producing is the Clear Chiavari Chairs which have a special market in designer events because of their clear and unique nature but they are not a workhorse chair compared to our wood Chiavari Chairs.

Do you need a price on Clear Chiavari Chairs?

We are not producing White, Black, Gold, Silver Mahogany resin Chiavari Chairs in Polypropylene for the following reasons:


1)      Resin Chiavari Chairs do not perform well on the Chair back durability test. Our clear Chiavari Chair fails at around 17,000 repetitions while our wood Chiavari Chair will last the full 120,000 repetitions that the test requires in order to pass. Because resin chairs fail this test, we do not sell any resin Chiavari chairs other than the clear chair because there is a good possibility that our client will be unhappy down the road when their Resin starts cracking on them. We disclaim that the Clear Chair is not a workhorse product like our wood chair and is perfectly suitable for event rental and event design use.


2)       Resin Polypropylene Chiavari Chairs typically have a cheap plastic feel to them which does not work for our clients who typically want to present a richness and luxury in their events. Because Polypropylene Resin Chiavari Chairs are typically held together with many screws, the chair becomes wobbly quickly which furthers the cheap feel.


3)      Also, the finish on the Polypropylene (White, Black, etc.) Resin Chiavari Chair is lifeless and there is no sheen because it is just the resin color and there is no finish like with a painted Chiavari Chair which should be rich and have a gloss sheen. Also, the color of the Gold and Silver is not accurate because they is nothing metallic in the resin. And, none of the wood colors are accurately presented as well.


4)      With regard to cleaning and maintenance we like wood better than Resin for this main reason: Wood chairs can easily be touched up with a spray can and some sand paper no matter how dirty they get. The problem with Resin Chiavari Chairs is that you can’t touch them up. And, resin does get dirty too especially during transport or use when people put their feet on the chair legs while sitting. So, resin could be harder to clean since you can just clean, sand and retouch with a spray can.


5)      Since Resin Chiavari Chairs are built KD (not assembled) and then assembled there are lots of parts and screw caps that can go missing. People call us these parts for their off-brand chairs, but we don’t sell them separately unless they come from us first. Our chair is fully assembled and there are no caps or screws that will fall off the chair.


6)      The only reason that they are a real working product is that we built and designed the chair from the ground up and, the chair is built to our specification which requires quality and integrity. It is almost impossible to find quality Resin Products from China factories only working on low prices because they don’t use good resin and are not building products to USA or European standards. And, this is why we are now manufacturing our White and Black Polypropylene Resin Folding Chairs in the USA. They are much more expensive than the imported variety, but they actually work and do what they are supposed to do rather than failing product testing time after time like the imported chairs that we have tested.


Written & Published by Vision Furniture

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