Do You Carry Resin Chiavari Chairs?

Resin Chiavari Chairs

Many people ask about Resin Chiavari Chairs but all of our main Chiavari Chair stock are wooden Chiavari Chairs. We manufacture wood Chiavari Chairs because resin has certain durability and aesthetic limitations.

For instance:

  1. Resin is heavier because it needs to be reinforced with steel
  2. Resin cracks faster than wood during certain durability tests
  3. Resin cannot be repaired as wood can
  4. The resin color is very flat and lifeless while a wood chair’s painted finish has good luster and looks rich

Clear Resin Chiavari Chair

At Vision Furniture we do offer a Clear Chiavari Chair which is made of a resin called poly-carbonate, which is suitable for this type of chair because of the clear ice like look that our clients are looking to achieve for use in special events. However, this chair also has certain durability limitations and is a little heavier than our wooden model. But this is a specialty chair and the high end use that this chair will be used for may outweigh the durability limitations. Consider this chair comparable to a pair of high end loafers or high heels which one would use for special occasions not everyday workhorse usage.

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