Shower Cap Style Chiavari Cushion Covers

New! Shower Cap Covers for Chiavari Board Cushions

Shower Cap Style Cushion Covers are a Chiavari Cushion accessory that allow you to quickly and easily change up the color of your Chiavari Board Cushions (or hide any imperfection on the cushion underneath).


These covers make your standard board cushions more versatile by making it possible to quickly change the color to suite your client’s needs and styles. Whether they need a bright pink cover for a wedding shower or a Classic Ivory Damask for a corporate event, we have an array of color and fabric options to accommodate most requests.


(OR are there stains or rips on your existing Chiavari Board Cushions? Don’t throw them out – use Shower Cap Covers to prolong the life of your investment!)


Shower Cap Cushion Covers for Chiavari Board Cushions

Shop our Line of Shower Cap Covers or Request a Custom Quote

Vision Furniture offers these Shower Cap Covers in a variety of colors and fabric choices. We can also make custom colors, source custom fabrics or use COM to create covers for you as needed. Request a quote or custom cushion cover by clicking here.


Current Stock Includes:

Crimson Bengaline, Turquoise Bengaline, Gold Bengaline, Silverado Bengaline, Burnished Gold Bengaline, Amethyst Bengaline, Cerise Bengaline, Taupe & Ivory Damask, White Poly-Twill, Black Poly-Twill, Brown Poly-Twill, and Ivory Poly-Twill.


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Crimson Shower Cap Cover for Chiavari Board CushionsRed Shower Cap for Chiavari Board CushionsTurquoise Shower Cap Cover for Chiavari Board CushionsTurquoise Shower Cap for Chiavari Board Cushions


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