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Stackable Chiavari Chairs by VF

The Best Value in the Industry

Click below to see how Vision Furniture Stackable Chiavari Chairs are made and the steps that we take to ensure that our customers receive the best value product possible.


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Leaders in Reliable Commercial Chiavari Chairs

At Vision Furniture we offer the best stackable Chiavari Chair on the market. There are so many Chiavari Chairs on the market that are made poorly with low-quality materials, resulting in an unsafe, unreliable chair. In order to protect your customers and your business, it is VITAL to have safe and reliable products in your inventory. At Vision Furniture we are one of the only event furniture manufactures that test and upgrade our chairs to meet industry standards like BIFMA.


What is BIFMA? BIFMA is the Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association, which is a group of industry experts that develop, maintain, and publish safety and performance standards for furniture products. We have our Chiavari Chairs tested in an accredited lab in which the idea is to replicate the normal wear and tear a chair experiences when it is used on a regular basis over multiple years. Click here for more info on the safety/durability testing we do.


What Does Passing BIFMA Mean for Your Business?


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Our largest milestone came in late 2013 when the Vision Furniture team produced the first ever BIFMA compliant Chiavari Chair. Truly making our chair the best chiavari chair available for commercial spaces.


This is significant, as no other Wood, Metal or Resin Chiavari Chair made today is built to pass these tests. This is especially significant for those looking for product reliability in a market with so many cheap and flimsy Chiavari Chair options.


By passing BIFMA’s six durability tests it means that our wooden stackable Chiavari Chairs have the potential to last 10+ years being used 5 days a week for 8 hours at a time — that’s a lot of use! For the customer, this means that when you invest in Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs, you are getting a product that is built to last and save you money.


High Quality Raw Materials with Thoughtful Design


At Vision Furniture we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in the Chiavari Chair market, and our goal has always been to provide our customers with products that are reliable, beautiful, and a great value. Year to year we consistently improve our products, heighten the standards that we set for ourselves and forgo cheap materials.


stackable chiavari chairs champagneWe have upgraded our materials for exceptional strength and durability — product testing has shown that our chair frame passes all six reliability tests to BIFMA standards.


For example, in the Chair Back Durability Test, our Chiavari Chair is secured to the floor and 225lbs of static weight are put on the seat, then a mechanical arm pulls on the chair back with 75lbs of pressure in a cycle lasting 120,000 repetitions. This test mimics the way a chair frame would deteriorate over years of people sitting and leaning back in the chair. After 120,000 repetitions our chair was still intact and standing strong! Tests like this show our clients that chair durability is a very important factor in buying chairs and making sure that they will be safe and reliable for many years down the road.


The Best Value Chairs for Your Business, Long Term

We are so proud that our stackable Chiavari Chairs pass all tests to BIFMA standards making it the best Chiavari chair on the market.  This ensures that the Chiavari Chair you purchase from us is top of the line for safety and reliability. We are the first and only company in our Chiavari Chair market to adopt this furniture testing practice into our business. Our goal is to provide our clients with the very best products in the industry at a great value. When you work with Vision Furniture you are investing in the best VALUE and QUALITY products that will be reliable and long lasting for your business and your customers.




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