Save Time Stuffing Chiavari Cushions!

Save Time Stuffing Chiavari Cushions with the Mesh Sleeve


Our Mesh Stocking makes stuffing chiavari cushions easy! The Mesh Chiavari Cushion Stocking covers the cushion foam with a slick fabric to reduce friction and makes it easy to slip foam inside your cushion covers. Save time struggling with stubborn foam!


  • Saves Time and Money
  • Makes it Easy to Stuff Chiavari Cushions
  • No More Hard to Handle Sticky Foam Cores!

*foam core not included


Click HERE to buy online.

It Shouldn’t Be So Hard to Stuff a Chiavari Cushion!


Or order over the phone by calling us at 215.695.3300.

Read more about stuffing Chiavari Cushions with the Mesh Sleeve here.

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Produced & Published by: Vision Furniture



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