Chiavari Cushion Crawler: Saves Time, Money, Aches & Pains

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VF Cushion CrawlerListen, owning a rental business or an event venue has lots of unexpected hurdles. Everything tends to take longer, cost more, and be more complicated than you initially thought. So, depending on the occasion (and the client) an event can be quick and painless, or never ending and rife with conflict.


One task that always seems to be a literal and figurative pain in the neck is tying cushions onto Chiavari Chairs. No matter if you have 20 or 200 cushions to tie this chore always leaves you hunched over and crawling around on your knees with a sore back.


This is why, with a little time, experience and more than a few backaches, we at Vision Furniture decided to find a solution to this aggravating issue. Behold the Chiavari Cushion Crawler!


Cushion Crawler


The Chiavari Cushion Crawler is built to help you easily move around your venue’s floor from one Chiavari Chair to another. Take a seat on the Cushion Crawler and immediately you are in a comfortable sitting position where you can keep your back straight and your knees off the ground. The Cushion Crawler is equipped with a comfortable, padded seat, durable synthetic leather upholstery, a heavy duty chrome-plated steel frame, and long lasting 3″ ball bearing wheels that allow you to glide smoothly over wood floors and low pile carpets.


Sitting on a Vision Furniture Cushion Crawler adds speed and mobility while virtually eliminating back strain from tying hundreds of cushions to your Chiavari Chairs. With our Cushion Crawler, your job is now faster, safer and easier — which saves time, money and a lot of aches and pains.



Interested in the Cushion Crawler? You can learn more and purchase one here.


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Written and Published by: Vision Furniture


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