What are Tiffany Chairs?

Tiffany Chairs vs. Chiavari Chairs

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Chiavari Chairs are enjoyed the world over in weddings, bar/bat mitsvahs, award ceremonies and other special event celebrations. However, in many countries people call this style of chair a “Tiffany Chair”.


“Tiffany Chairs” and “Chiavari Chairs” are the same fashion of chair.  They feature a petite chair frame with carved spindles, no arms and a seat that tapers in the back. So, even though the names are different, the chairs are the same. You can find these chairs under many names such as: Tiffany Chairs, Chiavari Chairs, Ballroom Chairs or the Chiavarina Chair.



Which Countries Call Them Tiffany Chairs?


In the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, this style of chair is most commonly referred to as a Chiavari Chair. In other countries, especially Spanish speaking regions, people call this a Tiffany Chair. The use of the term Tiffany Chair is more prominent in countries such as: The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Monaco and more.




Wooden Tiffany Chairs in Champagne MetallicAt Vision Furniture we manufacture our own brand of wood Tiffany Chairs. However, we mostly market them under the name “Chiavari”. We choose to use wood over resin or metals like aluminum or steel because no man made material can imitate the warmth and elegance of natural wood.


It is important to keep in mind that “Tiffany” and “Chiavari” are a style of chair. Not a brand. There can be a lot of quality variation across the market. Price is generally a good indicator of quality. If a chair is selling for a price that seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t safe for commercial use.


Some manufactures focus on quality. These companies use commercial grade raw materials and thoughtful construction and design techniques. And some manufacturers focus on making chairs at the cheapest price possible with little concern for long term value. Make sure to get sample chairs from any company that you are considering.


If you are only planning to use your chairs a couple times a year, a cheap model that isn’t built to be durable long-term might be the right choice for you. However, if you have a business that plans to use the chairs regularly then you want to invest in a company that crafts their Tiffany Chairs to be safe, reliable and a good long-term investment.





We carry a large variety of Tiffany Chair colors but the most popular are: Gold, Mahogany and Champagne. Gold is the classic wedding that has been popular for generations. At Vision Furniture we don’t produce a garish, yellow Gold but rather a more refined, soft Gold. Another customer favorite is the Champagne, which is a fairly new color option. Champagne is another soft metallic that is a sort of cross between the Gold and Silver Tiffany Chairs. Champagne is a modern take on the classic gold.


Mahogany is by far the most popular wood grain Tiffany Chair option. We use a semi-gloss lacquer that is the perfect balance of deep brown with a subtle hint of red. While in the development stage we went through a LOT of Mahogany trials before we figured out the perfect reddish, brown hue!





White Classic Cushion with Ties

The most popular Tiffany cushions tend to be neutrals like Ivory and White. We use stain resistant heavy weight fabric that is meant for commercial use. The classic poly-twill cushions are treated with a stain resistant finish and our vinyl is 100% Polyurethane for high-performance stain resistance and easy cleaning.


All poly-twill Tiffany Cushion covers can be removed and laundered for easy cleaning. (Have trouble stuffing the foam cores back into your cushion covers? Check out our time saver, The Mesh Stocking, to save time and hassle stuffing Tiffany Cushions!) The performance vinyl can just be wiped down with a damp cloth if soiled.


Off White Vinyl Board Cushion

We offer two styles of cushion: the classic with ties or Velcro straps and a zipper back, or the board cushion that attaches to the seat top with double sided Velcro. The board cushion gives a more permanent cushion look where the classic cushion has visible ties or straps.


Our cushions are manufactured using only high-density foam cores. This foam is made without cheap additives and keeps it shape other time. Some foams are made with lots of additives that make the cushion appear thick and firm at first but quickly breaks down and goes flat.








Vision Furniture ships internationally. People use our Tiffany Chairs all over the world! We are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but are capable of shipping anywhere in the world. Since opening our doors in 2003 we have shipped Tiffany Chairs to more than 30 different countries.  Call us today to inquire about international shipping rates: 215.695.3300 (M-F 9am-5pm)



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