Time to Check Your Event Chairs for Safety

A couple times a year it is a good idea to give your chairs a once over to make sure they are safe and in good working order. Chairs that are missing spindles, have loose joints, cracks or other safety issues can be dangerous and a liability. And a scratched or chipped chair can easily be touched up kept looking like new. Keeping an eye on the maintenance of your chair will keep them safe AND beautiful for many years of use. Protect your customers and your business by inspecting and maintaining your chairs!

Learn How to Inspect & Repair Your Chairs for Safety & Cosmetic Imperfections.

Inspect Chair for Visible Cracks and Imperfections

Put each chair up on a table to really evaluate the needs of your chair.

Check the legs and joints for safety and the finish and seat edge for cosmetic imperfections.

Loose joints can be re-glued but broken or cracked legs/joints may need to be taken out of inventory. Chips or scratches can easily be sanded down and touched up!

Are Your Chair’s Joints Safe?

Give the Legs a Pull to Check for Loose Joints

The joints are what hold the chair frame together.

Check joints by pulling two chair legs in opposite directions. If they have loosened up then re-gluing the joint is an easy fix!

Tighten Hex Bolts

Use Allen Key to Tighten Bolts

Wobbly chair?

Use an Allen wrench to tighten hex bolts at the back of your chair frame. Just tighten until there is resistance. Over tightening might crack the wood around the bolt.

Fixing Safety & Cosmetic Issues

Joint Glue:

This glue instantly sets the chair joint when you add the activator spray, Thus bringing strength back to a wobbly chair. Put a few drops of this very thin glue into the joint and watch it absorb into the chair joint. One bottle of glue can service approx. 50 chairs.

Glue Activator:

This product is necessary to set the Joint Glue. Spray Glue Activator to instantly set our Joint Glue.

We recommend one can of glue activator to every two to three bottles of joint glue.

Semi-Gloss Paint, Wood Tone Finishes +Touch Up Pens

Semi-Gloss Lacquer Paint:

A lacquer based paint custom made for Vision Furniture brand Chiavari Chairs. This spray paint provides great coverage for easy repairs. Gold, Silver, Champagne, White Black, Ivory.

Wood Tone Finish:

This finish is a final step top coat for any area of the chair frame that has been repaired. This paint is a translucent lacquer that adds color and shine back to your chair. It will make your touch ups look even and smooth. Mahogany, Walnut, Fruitwood, Natural.

Seat Edge Finish for Wood Tones:

Touch up your seat edges with this opaque paint that quickly hides damage to your seat edge. Makes seat edges look like new! (Only for use on the seat edge).

Touch Up Pens for Wood Tones:

Fixes small nicks and scratches on stained wood chairs. Adds the stain color back where it’s missing after a scratch. After using the pen, follow up with a spray of the Lacquer Finish.

Chiavari Chair Foot Glides

Chair Glides:

All VF Chair Glides are made with high quality, hard poly-plastic, not soft nylon that can break leaving nails exposed that will damage flooring.

Vision Furniture Chair Glides are meant to be nailed into the bottom of your wooden Chiavari Chairs in order to make the chair glide smoothly along the floor’s surface. Our high quality plastic glides are proven to be safe on all floor types, are long lasting, and will not wear down prematurely.

Glides sold individually – order 4 per chair.

Need more information?

The Vision Furniture office is open M-F 9am-5pm.

Give us a call at 215.695.3300 or visit www.chiavarichairs.com

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