Transport Chiavari Chairs Easily with Our Chair Cart!

Vision Furniture Chair Shark

Vision Furniture Chair Shark

Moving around large stacks of Chiavari Chairs can be back breaking work if you don’t have the right equipment. Without the proper Chiavari Chair Cart, the odds of injuring yourself or damaging your chairs can increase tenfold. The easiest and safest way to move chairs is with the Vision Furniture Chair Shark.


The Chair Shark is a sleek chair cart designed specifically for Chiavari Ballroom Chairs by Vision Furniture. It quickly scoops up and transports stacks of Chiavari Chairs with ease. The steel frame structure and reinforced wheels are durable and the front gliding wheels allow the chair cart to glide across ballroom surfaces without causing damage or abrasions.


The Chair Shark excels in both warehouse and ballroom settings. It is a solid and durable product that is built to last and will allow your business to quickly transport stacks and stacks of Chiavari Chairs.



Why Choose the Chair Shark:


  • large rear wheels make it easy to roll over bumps
  • wheels in front of cart slide right under the chairs and won’t scratch your floor
  • wide wheel base for added stability
  • rubberized handle for premium comfort




The Chair Shark works with all Vision Furniture brand Chiavari Chairs. However, the Chair Shark also works with many other brands of Chiavari Chairs. In order to be compatible with the Chair Shark the chair’s leg opening must be at least 10.5″ wide x 11″. Some basic assembly is required. We recommend stacking the chairs no higher than seven (7) in a stack.


For more information or to order a Chair Shark of your own call (215) 695-3300

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