VF Resin Folding Chair vs. Cheap Folding Chair From China

Competitor Chair FAIL

There’s a big difference between a Vision Furniture Resin Folding Chair and our competitor’s cheap, $18.00 resin folding chair made in China.


Our chair is made from virgin resin in the United States and passes all BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) U.S. Commercial Furniture Testing Standards.






Our VF chair is built for reliability, safety and value. We achieved this through updated technology, careful design and deliberate product development. The proof is in the look and feel of our chair, as well as the chair’s performance in strenuous product testing.


We want to educate our customers on some of the most important differences that exist between different grades of Resin Folding Chairs. And, most importantly, we want to show why our product is a step above the rest and exceeds in all of the BIFMA tests for reliability while other chairs fail time and again.


The Difference Between a Reliable VF Chair and a Cheap Chair


1) Quality Raw Materials: (you get back what you put in to a product!)

The quality of the materials that are put into a product are an important first step in ensuring the quality and value of your end product. When it comes to Resin Folding Chairs, we use only the highest quality:


a) VF BRAND: High quality resin that is bright white with a smooth finish – we only use virgin resin, which results in a sturdier, more resilient frame when compared to recycled resins in other chairs.

Cutting from Vision Furniture Seat Frame:

best folding chair


  • bright white color
  • smooth, dirt resistant finish
  • virgin resin that is strong and flexible
b) COMPETITOR’S: Resin that is grey in color with a finish that isn’t smooth. There are many open pores on the surface which can attract dirt. Also, the resin is mixed with impurities and recycled plastics that weaken the chair. Recycled Resin + Fillers = Brittle Chair

Cutting from Competitor’s Seat Frame:


  • dull, grey color
  • rough surface with open pores that attract dirt
  • brittle resin due to impurities

2) Quality Manufacturing:

Starting with good quality raw materials is only the beginning, and then the technology of the manufacturing becomes most important. Just look below to see the difference between our VF product and a common competitor’s $18.00 Resin Folding Chair. These photos show a cross section of the chair’s seat frame:


a) VF BRAND: Smooth, thick external layer with even walls and a resin center that is filled. Our resin is pure and flexible and acts similar to a bone. This makes our chair seat and legs more resilient.

best folding chair

b) COMPETITOR’S: Hollow inside with very thin and uneven walls. The resin is brittle with large bubbles on the inside. If you tap on the walls the hollow sound indicates how brittle their chair is. Without any material filling the core of the frame the chair cracks and breaks under the stress of heavy weight.

best folding chair

3) The Result: Our chair PASSES very important BIFMA safety tests while the $18.00 chair FAILS. This shows how the entire structure of our competitors chair is unreliable. The test is the simple BIFMA 5.1 Drop Test: drop 225lbs from 6 inches high then repeat with 300lbs from 6 inches. The VF chair exceeds the test while the competitor chair can’t even meet the lowest weight requirement!


a) VF BRAND: Our chair seat is safe and reliable and withstands up to 300lbs of weight dropped onto the seat top in BIFMA testing.

best folding chair

b) COMPETITOR’S: Chair frame breaks apart when 200lbs is dropped on to the seat top in BIFMA testing.

best folding chair


4) Did You Know:

a. The technology and materials that are used in our product ensures that our chair is reliable long after the initial purchase – with 15 month warranty.


b. Resin breaks down with age so it is important that your chairs only use virgin plastics and have real UV protection as resin deteriorates from UV rays.


c. Recycled resins break down much faster than virgin resins so it is important to know and trust your manufacturer’s materials.


d. Vision Furniture’s Resin Folding Chairs meet all 6 BIFMA 5.1 tests. This means our chair truly is the most reliable model on the market and is the best long term value for your business.


Watch Cheap Chinese Folding Chair Explode!


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Did You Know We Ship our Chairs Internationally!?


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