Why Choose Vinyl Chiavari Cushions?

Performance Vinyl Chiavari Cushions by VF

Why Choose Vinyl Chiavari Cushions for your Chiavari Chairs?

vinyl chiavari cushions in off white with covered velcro straps

Off White Classic Vinyl Chiavari Cushions

Vinyl Chiavari Cushions are the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. Our high performance vinyl has a buttery look and feel that is a good substitute for leather. Our vinyl is also extremely easy to keep up because of the stain resistant and almost waterproof nature of the material. If soiled, the cushions just need to be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth. At Vision Furniture we only use high quality vinyl that has been tested to not react with most dyes or finishes. Cheaper vinyl tends to have issues with color leaching (think, color leaching out of freshly dyed bridesmaid dresses or denim) and negative interactions with the lacquer finish on Chiavari Chairs.


For Example: a poorly made vinyl with unstable ingredients can react with the lacquer finish on a Chiavari chair if the cushion is left on for long periods of time or left on while the chairs are stacked. This can leave permanent staining on the cushions and compromise the finish on the Chiavari Chairs. If the finish on a Chiavari Chair is softened by a chemical reaction with a cheap vinyl then this can lead to further staining of guest’s clothes or other cushions that come in contact with the chair. To avoid these problems we use an upgraded vinyl that is made from ONLY polyurethane (PU) and no unstable chemical components.

Vinyl Chiavari Board Cushions

Vinyl Hard Chiavari Cushions Off White Vinyl Board Cushion

Off White Vinyl Chiavari Board Cushions

Vision Vinyl Chiavari Board Cushions provide a more permanent look for your Chiavari Chairs and attach directly to the Chiavari Chair seat top using Velcro. These hard back cushions are made to fit all Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs as well as some off-brand Chiavari Chairs. The cushions feature high density internal foam that is upholstered with a soft, high performance vinyl that is durable and easy to maintain. If you are purchasing the board cushions and chair frames at the same time we will install the Velcro onto to the seat top for you before shipping. If purchasing only board cushions then we will provide you with additional Velcro so that your staff can install it onto the seat of your existing Chiavari Chairs.

Vinyl Classic Chiavari Cushions


Vinyl Chiavari Cushions - High Performance and Ink Resistant

Vinyl Covered Velcro Straps

The Classic Off-White Vinyl Chiavari Cushion has the same structured style as our Poly-Twill Classic Chiavari Cushions but with high performance vinyl covered Velcro straps for a more polished look. This cushion fits all VF Chiavari Chairs and many off-brand styles as well. Custom cushions, fabrics and colors are available on a case by case basis at an additional fee.

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