How are Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs Workhorse Chairs?

Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs are touch, reliable, and an ideal workhorse Chiavari Chair for event rental and banquet use because they have been thoroughly tested and improved every step of the way. The chair has been through heavy use from our own weekly rentals and over 250,000 Vision Furniture Chiavari chairs are being used around the world right now! We have spent more than 8 years on product development and invested heavily in rigorous BIFMA testing. Our factory is managed to strict quality controls and reliability standards to which no other Chinese Chiavari Chair manufacturer’s unsophisticated resources can compare.

BIFMA Testing

Reliability can be tested and the Office Furniture Industry has set up BIFMA testing standards for daily use office seating. Because reliability is a very important standard for Vision Furniture, we test all of our chairs before bringing them to market. One important test is Chair Back Durability which shows the reliability of the chair back and chair joints. When the test is performed, the chair is secured to the floor while a machine pulls on the chair back to 75 pounds of pressure, and then releases the pressure. To pass the test, the chair must undergo 120,000 repetitions without breaking. Our chair passes the test without any issue, showing that it is a truly reliable and workhorse chair.

There is no concrete evidence of any other Chiavari Chair being made on the market today which passes this test. Other materials like resin, plastic and aluminum have not passed this test either.

Chiavari Product Development And Maintenance

Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs are reliable because we have anhanced our product through 8 years of use and product development. Seemingly trivial aspects of the chair like hardware, putty, and wood selection make an enormous in the performance, value, and reliability of the chair so we take every aspect very seriously and have continuously improved our chair since 2003.

Since we are experts in our chair, we know that our customers will be able to properly maintain the chairs and their investment will last for years. In fact, our original customers are still using our chairs today and keep their chairs looking new with touchup paints and materials.

Customers All Over The World And The USA

Since 2003, we have produced more than 250,000 Chiavari Chairs and these chairs are used weekly in events all over the world. Our chairs can be found in major hotel ballrooms in the USA, world-class wineries in Napa Valley, at cutting-edge party rental companies, embassies in Washington DC, universities, national museums, major movie films in America, and diplomatic homes in Africa.

This volume of usage of Vision Furniture brand chairs is a testament to our brand and the reliablility of the product and our clients consistently come back for more. Our clients are confident that our replacement chairs will maintain color consistency with their existing inventory and they count on improved products and maintenance supplies when needed.

Factory Reliability and Commitment to Quality

It’s no question that the Chiavari Chair is a relatively low-priced seating option which provides a huge amount of value through its beautiful and lightweight design. When other factories seek to manufacture products at the lower end of the price spectrum (commercial-grade Chiavari Chairs range anywhere from US $25-$250), there are enticing incentives for them to produce as cheaply as possible and to cut corners without regard to how it will affect their customers and the reliability of the product. This is especially true with low-end Chiavari Chair production in China.

Vision Furniture’s commitment is high value, so there is absolutely no corner-cutting just to achieve a low price. We invest in higher grade raw materials because our clients want a higher quality chair. High value production is the only way to build brand loyalty and our factory and factory workers are 100% committed to our Vision of reliability and good value.

Wood, Metal and Resin Chiavari Chairs

We have worked hard to perfect our wood Chiavari Chairs to be a reliable, workhorse commercial chair. We believe that our wood Chiavari Chair does what it is supposed to do and looks how it is supposed to look. Our chairs perform better and look better than any other chair on the market and this is why we do not sell metal and resin Chiavari Chairs just for the sake of having them to sell.

We are experts in our wood chairs and we make the most reliable product in our price level. Resin and metal chairs are entirely more complicated to make than a good quality wood chair. These products involve a knowledge of chemistry, metal alloys, molding and science that is almost always beyond the scope of the unsophisticated China factories.



Written + Published by: Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs Manufacturer + Special Event Rentals

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