New! Clear Chiavari Chairs and Ghost Chairs for Philadelphia Rentals

Clear event chairs which were once only available to event companies in the most cutting edge event design markets such as New York and Miami, are now available through Vision Furniture for rental to event design professionals in the Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware markets.

Vision Furniture’s “Crystal Series” of clear chairs includes Ghost Chairs and clear Chiavari Chairs. Made of clear poly carbonate, these chairs add a clean and ice-like elegance to any contemporary event setting. They are especially dynamic with capturing light and reflecting color in spaces where up-lighting is used. The dramatic effects offered by clear Chiavari chairs and Ghost chairs can only be achieved with seating produced with completely transparent raw materials.

“Recently our clients have been asking for more cutting-edge specialty seating using clear raw materials. And, our clients are mixing these modern chairs in both contemporary event settings and classic ballrooms such as the Rose garden room at the Hyatt Bellevue hotel. The juxtaposition of the clear modern chair with the clean Parisian styled accents makes for a very striking look,” said Anthony Tokarchyk, President of Vision Furniture. “We’re excited to be able to offer these chair designs and to help make parties in Philadelphia even more spectacular.”

For more information on Vision Furniture’s clear Chiavari and Ghost chair rentals, visit or call (215) 695-3300.

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