Metal Chiavari Chairs vs. Wood Chiavari Chairs

Head to Head Which Material Proves to be Better Quality?

Vision Furniture Wooden Chiavari Chair in Gold

At Vision Furniture we decided to test our Wood Chiavari Chair against three metal chiavari chairs in the BIFMA Chair Back Durability test. We sourced three Metal Chiavari Chairs from three different manufactures to see how the different materials compare.

People assume that metal must be stronger than wood… but the Chiavari Chair market is flooded with all different quality levels and price points. When shopping for Chiavari Chairs you have to keep in mind that every manufacturer – whether they use metal, resin or wood – is going to have a different finish, quality and price point. Sometimes the differences are shocking!

Every chiavari chair manufacture seems to be claiming they make a fantastic quality product at the lowest possible price. But when you put four different chairs from four different manufactures side by side you can really see where the differences lie.

Can’t Choose Between Wood or Metal Chiavari Chairs? Watch our Video Below!

The BIFMA Chair Back Durability Test (ANSI/BIFMA x5.1-2017, Section 15) is a great indicator for strength and durability. This test puts the chair in a machine that pulls with 275lbs of pressure on the chair back and the chair must withstand 120,000 pulls to pass.

SPOILER: our Vision Furniture Wood Chiavari Chair is the ONLY chair frame that passed this test. All three metal chairs failed well before the 120,000 pull mark. One didn’t even make it to 10,000 pulls! Watch our video above for additional details on how the chairs performed in BIFMA testing and why the metal chairs failed.

The Buying Process Can Be Overwhelming!

BIFMA furniture testing is so important because a chair may perform well in one test, but fail all the others. Vision Furniture’s wooden Chiavari Chair passes not only the Chair Back Durability test but all 6 BIFMA tests.

Three Metal Chiavari Chairs Before BIFMA Testing

Aesthetics Are Important Too!

For the purpose of this test we used all Gold Chiavari Chairs. The VF Gold Chair has a bright, true gold finish that is smooth subtlety metallic. Not too glittery. Not too dull.

Put side by side, it makes it very clear that not all finishes are created equal. Vision Furniture uses high quality paints and lacquers that are beautiful, smooth and durable.

The Metal Chiavari Chairs had unrefined gold finishes that ranged from, muddy to garish to greenish undertones. And the proportions and details of the chair frames were rough as well. Visible spot welds (also a durability issue), awkward proportions and undefined bamboo style ridges made the metal chairs look unpolished.

Taking the time and expense to not cut corners and make sure that all aspects of our chair frame is both durable and aesthetically pleasing is why Vision Furniture is known for the best Chiavari Chair on the market.

VF Wooden Chiavari Chair
Metal Chiavari Chair #2
Metal Chiavari Chair #1
Metal Chiavari Chair #3

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