Wood vs. Metal Chiavari Chairs

Tiffany Blue Chiavari Chair

VF Tiffany Blue Wooden Chiavari Chair

A lot of clients look to steel and aluminum as a durable option for Chiavari Chairs – and these materials can have a lot of potential… However, a high quality chair should pass all 6 BIFMA furniture tests for strength and durability. This ensures that the chair is well rounded in terms of safety, strength and reliability. Sometimes chairs are initially very strong, but not long lasting. This can be true for wood, metal or resin Chiavari Chairs. It all comes down to the 6 BIFMA furniture testing metrics.


  • Char Back Strength
  • Chair Back Durability
  • Seating Durability
  • Leg Strength
  • Stability
  • Dynamic Drop



Metal Chiavari Style Chair

Example: an aluminum chair that we tested passes the Chair Back Strength test in which the chair is secured to the floor and a machine pulls on the chair back with 250lbs of weight for 60 seconds. But the same aluminum chair failed the Chair Back Durability test in which the chair is secured to the floor, and over a long period of time a machine pulls on the chair back with 75lbs of pressure with 120,000 repetitions.


Even though the metal chair was initially strong and passed the Chair Back Strength test, it was not reliable or long lasting because it failed the durability test, and the leg joints cracked at only 5,000 pulls.


BIFMA furniture testing is so important because a chair may perform well in one test, but fail all the others. Vision Furniture’s 2014 wooden Chiavari Chair passes not only the Chair Back Durability test but all 6 BIFMA tests – which is something that no other Chiavari Chair manufacturer can say about their product!


If you chose Vision Furniture, you will not only have a Chiavari Chair that is the best value on the market but a product that has also been tested to be the best in both the lab and in our customer’s ballrooms for over 11 years.


VF Wooden Chiavari Chairs vs. Metal Chiavari Chairs:

Accept nothing but the best – choose BIFMA!


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