Quality Testing Our Chiavari Cushions vs. The Competition

Wholesale Chiavari Cushions vs. Competitor’s Cushion


Vision Furniture Wholesale Chiavari Cushions are made to last for Commercial Venues! Click below to see our head to head testing on two chiavari cushions that look very similar but are completely different levels of quality and reliability. Not all Chiavari Cushions are created the same!


Wholesale Chiavari Cushions – What You Need to Know:


Our competitors in the Chiavari marketplace claim to have a cheap but still high-quality Wholesale Chiavari Cushion… we got our hands on their version of the classic chiavari chair pad and we’re here to bust the myth that all chiavari cushions are created the same. In the above video, in a series of four strenuous tests we compared the quality of the materials used to make our Vision Furniture Classic Chiavari Cushions side by side with our leading competitors Classic Style Chiavari Cushion. The results are pretty shocking! We tested the following aspects of the cushions:


Wholesale Chiavari Cushions for sale

  • Foam Density
  • Zipper Quality
  • Seam Strength
  • Fabric Stain Resistance


Our competitors use low-quality raw materials and construction techniques resulting in an unreliable cushion that rips, stains, and goes flat much quicker than Vision Cushions.

Vision Furniture Chiavari Chair Cushion Pads Use Only:


  • High-Density Foam Cores
  • Stain Resistant Fabric
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Quality Zippers


This means you can count on our Chiavari Chair Pads to be reliable for the long term. Visit our website today to request a wholesale quote on Chiavari Chair Cushions or other Chiavari products and accessories.


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