Why Are my Chiavari Chairs Not Perfect?

You will find our Chiavari Chairs to be well made and beautiful chairs that are not perfect. In fact, a lot of work goes into making our product beautiful, durable and also a good value.

Did you know that our Chiavari Chairs are an entirely hand-made product and that every chair starts from a pile of seasoned Natural hardwood that is stored onsite at our factory. And, our job is to create beautiful chairs that enhance special events and, the chairs must also be safe, easy to maintain and free of manufacturing defects.

Because our chairs are all Natural and built by hand, each chair has its own character even though they all appear the same, and in the process of manufacturing, you will find from time to time, a slight imperfection on the chair, perhaps an underside spindle did not get shaved as perfectly as it should. Or, you may find that the paint around the metal support bracket has chipped b/c metal and paint do not bond as well as paint to wood. But, these small, invisible defects are perfectly normal, because they do not detract from the beauty of the chair and, you cannot see them unless you turn the chair over and scrutinize closely. And  sometimes the bumps in the road during transport can cause the cardboard to rub the chair leg a certain way that removes a little paint which can be corrected with any of our touch-up kits.

Yes, we could eliminate these altogether, but the cost would be too high considering our market is primarily Hotels, Catering Halls and Rental Companies looking for workhorse chairs that look good and work for their business. So, we cannot sell our chair frames at $300+ even though we would like to. đŸ˜‰

Also we do our best to ship our finest chairs to our small-order customers and we hand select each chair to order.

All of our chairs are produced in batches of 1,000 per color and we endeavor to produce the best value Chair which means that your chair will look good and will provide you years of trouble free use. Vision Furniture provides, reliable wood selection, strict painting guidelines, USA lab testing, strict production guidelines for our sewing department and best of all a final 12point inspection prior to shipping at our Philadelphia warehouse. And, the value that we offer is much superior to barebones Chiavari Chairs sold elsewhere.

I hope this provides a little more insight into the way we do business and, thanks for reading!

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