Why Do Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs Cost More To Produce?

VF Chiavari Chairs

Every now and then someone raises a concern with regard to our pricing, including International and Domestic US customers.

Here is some good information regarding our chiavari chair pricing strategy and what you can expect from our company.

We understand that our competition in China offers chiavari chairs at very cheap prices and we must compete with this by demonstrating why our chairs offer significantly more value and are better for our customers.

Our chair’s production costs are actually significantly higher than found in the average small Chiavari Chair Factory in China. The extra costs associated with our production are important for producing a reliable Chiavari Chair. This results in not just one reliable Chiavari Chair and Cushion, but thousands of reliable chairs for our customers that we produce throughout the year.

We Operate Very Differently From Other Factories In China

It is important for our customers to know that Vision Furniture operates its factory very differently than other China factories because we maintain such strict quality controls and reliability requirements that are essential to producing a good value commercial Chiavari Chair.

Here are a few of our important procedures that are applied to each of our chairs and why it costs more to produce:

  1. We have strict requirements on wood and raw materials: We must reject all low quality wood and low quality chair frames. Since we do not use inferior wood or scrap wood, our wood prices are much higher.
  2. All of our spindles and components are made in house so that we can monitor the aesthetic quality and also to be sure that our mortise and tenon joints properly fit together for strong joint construction. This costs more. In low priced factory, most spindles and stretchers are produced at a small outsourced factory that only makes spindles and parts cheaply; this practice results in inconsistent spindles and tenons because the spindle style is not consistent and the spindle sizes are not consistent which result in wobbly chairs because the joints do not line up correctly.
  3. Our sanding and wood preparation requires longer time to properly sand and machine the chairs since we want to achieve a finer finish. Higher labor cost and overhead result
  4. Our finishes take longer to apply since we have a standard to meet and our raw materials for painting cost more.
  5. Our packaging material is high quality which prevents damage during transit – this is expensive.
  6. Our cushions use proper foams, high quality upholstery and proper design so that they perform well for a long time which also adds to the cost.
  7. We need make sure that our chairs are reliable and therefore the quality control steps at each stage of production add to our cost of the chair and make production slower.
  8. All these small costs added together makes our chair cost more, but it ensures that our chair a properly produced Chiavari Chair.

When compared to a factory that has no production standards or quality controls to meet, the chair production price is significantly lower because you can use any wood available, there is no standard requirement for chair frame strength or durability, no hardware requirements or finishing standard or packaging standard or standard for cushions. When there is no standard, the cost is much lower and the result are chairs that are not reliable. And, the factory’s producing these chairs are not accountable for their bad workmanship. Anyhow, the price is cheap, so you can only do so much for that price.

Why our customers benefit from buying Vision Furniture Chairs:

  1. Most of our International customers purchase 400-1,000 Chairs per order and, they pay significant duties to bring the chairs to their country and they need all of their Chiavari Chairs to be reliable chairs so that their investment in Chiavari Chairs is worthwhile.
  2. Here are some advantages of our Chiavari Chair
    1. Chair frames are strong and safe – Chair frame strength is tested at an Int’l testing laboratory to BIFMA Standards.
    2. Chairs are beautifully finished and they will look better for your business because our chairs will not damage easily as low quality chairs because our paint, primer and seat edge is produced properly. You can test this with our sample.
    3. Look at our cushions, try to tear the seams, pull on the Velcro or sit on the foam. The cushions are strong and comfortable.
    4. Look at all of our hardware, check the chair glides, turn the metal seat bolts with an allen key, look at our chair brackets. All hardware has been selected to offer proper performance.
  3. In the chair business, here are some potential problems with unreliable Chiavari Chair container purchases:
    1. Receiving 400-1,000 chairs with a bad Chair Structure which makes the chair unsafe and can fall apart quickly. This means lost investment.
    2. Unstable lacquers and paints that change color in the container such as gold paint turning brown, White Turning yellow or Mahogany having white chemical haze. = Extra Cost to fix Problem.
    3. Many Chairs being damaged because of improper packaging during the transport. = Extra Cost to fix Problem.
    4. Low quality hardware that breaks down quickly such as low quality chair glides scratching floors or metal bolts made of too soft steel.
    5. Cushions with bad seams and low quality zippers and thread. = = Extra Cost to purchase new cushions.

The main reason for the higher cost is that we focus on making every, single chair good quality so that our chairs are reliable for our clients, and this takes a lot of work and patience and costs a little more to accomplish.




Written + Published by: Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs Manufacturer + Special Event Rentals

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